Marvel likes to throw out big crossover “events” every year or so. Stories like House of M, Civil War, and Secret Invasion that tend to produce significant repercussions for many of the company”s biggest heroes. For example, Captain America died during the Civil War event (although he has since returned from the dead, as comic book characters tend to do). Comic book fans are probably aware of this year”s event, Fear Itself, an 11-issue series written by one of Marvel”s biggest authors, Matt Fraction, and drawn fan-favorite artist, Stuart Immonen. The story of Fear Itself revolves around the Marvel superheroes battling the God of Fear.

As part of the Fear Itself event, Marvel is launching The Worthy, an 8-issue series exclusively for digital download on the Marvel Comics App, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and Marvel Comics on Chrome. The series will focus on the titular “Worthy” who are called on by the God of Fear to help him terrorize the Marvel universe.

“We want as many fans as possible to get a taste of this casino online year’s biggest comics event,” explains David Gabriel, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “By making these stories available for free digitally, we’re reaching a world wide fan base and making it possible for everyone to get a taste of the scope and excitement of Fear Itself!”

The first issue is scheduled to hit on April 27th. The series will only be available for a limited time, so don”t miss out. It”s free so you have no reason not to give it a shot. Unless of course, you are afraid.

Speaking of which, since there is a God of Fear, is there a God of Bravery? Seems like Thor or somebody could just call in that guy and they would cancel each other out.