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Everybody loves free stuff, but very rarely does free actually mean free. There’s always some kind of catch, some sort of exchange. This is the case with FreeAppWin, but instead of cash, the price of admission is your email address. Don’t mind giving that away time and time again? Keep reading.

There are two main staples to be had with FreeAppsWin. The first is the chance to win one of many Amazon gift cards and the second is a treasure trove of free and recommended paid apps. Let’s look at how this works.

When you first log into FreeAppWin you’re taken to a nice looking screen filled with app icons. This is what TapGen calls their Featured Apps screen. The top two rows of apps are heavily promoted apps that are free for a limited time. Titles here currently include things like Vs. Racing and Stupid Ninjas.

The second group of 36 apps are suggested free apps. These apps include everything from Zombie Farm to Scrabble. Then at the bottom is a third group of suggested paid apps from Candy Plus to Super Stickman Golf.

If you choose to continue to the next page at the bottom toolbar of FreeAppWin you enter the contests module. This is where you can enter a few contests daily with the hopes of winning Amazon Gift Cards.

The first time you enter you have to enter information like your age, sex, and email address, but once FreeAppWin knows your identity, all you have to do is agree to submit your information, read the terms of each contest, and check a box that says you agree. Along the way you’re asked to Like the app page on Facebook. Then you’re asked to download a recommended app and the process is over.

It’s not clear who exactly is benefiting from this, but I can’t help but believe someone is making a profit (and I’m not just talking about the contest winners). I’m two days into contest entries and I’ve submitted five contest entries into the sweepstakes pot, as well as filled my iPhone screen with a wide variety of apps. I can see why FreeAppWin would be addictive and beneficial for promoting apps, but at the same time I can’t help but feel a little bit like I’m playing into the marketing engine of some kind of genius scheme.

Bottom Line: FreeAppWin is an app promotion engine and daily sweepstakes bucket addictive enough to keep you coming back daily. Just be ready to give away your information in exchange.