Galaxy S8 launch date MWC 2017 unveiled

When it comes to the announcement of the Galaxy S8 there are always uncertainties. On one hand, you have the unveiling being carried out during the actual MWC 2017 trade show while other rumors have pitted the smartphone at being announced on April 14, while others have stated that the flagship is going to be unveiled later in April. Samsung’s mobile chief by the name of Kim Dong-jin has said that the official announcement date of the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at the MWC 2017 trade show that will kick off starting February 26. This update comes from Hankyung so we should take it as the final word.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the smartphone’s official announcement date is February 26, but it means that the company plans on laying down the hammer and putting numerous rumors to rest on what that announcement date is really going to be. Galaxy S8 is said to arrive in two models; a 5.7-inch model which is going to be the regular version and the 6.2-inch screen version, which leaks have been calling it the Galaxy S8 Plus or ‘Galaxy S8+’.

Reports have also said that Samsung isn’t going to be releasing any flat display versions of the Galaxy S8, and because curved edge phones take more money to manufacturer, you’re probably going to be paying a premium for the Galaxy S8, no matter which model you end up purchasing. The large screen size will probably be added because Samsung wants you and everybody else to forget about what happened with the Galaxy Note7, but that does not mean the company is killing the Galaxy Note brand.

Samsung’s mobile chief has said that a new Note successor is in the works and if the company has managed to drive around the explosive battery issues, then the smartphone brand will popularize in the market once more.