Galaxy SIV

Galaxy SIV

Samsung Electronics is preparing to launch the Galaxy SIV on March 15, according to sources. The phone has been rumoured for an age, and it may only be a month away from debuting.

The phone has a huge hype and we believe Samsung will debut the Galaxy SIV at its own event, along with a few new side TouchWiz features. The Galaxy SIII was a very successful phone, so the Galaxy SIV has a lot of expectation.

The unnamed source also mentioned that an April worldwide launch would happen, one month after the event. This is quick speeds for Samsung and with MWC said to host four different Samsung tablets, we could see a huge push in manufacturing for the Korean electronics giant.

This wouldn’t be a surprise, since the company is churning in a lot of profit from mobile sales. This may also be a sign that Samsung can move product better than Apple can, nothing like stabbing your opposition with work pace.

We do not expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be released at the same event. Both of these phones have a lot of different users and the Galaxy Note has been released at conferences in the past.

Galaxy SIV specs

The Galaxy SIV will apparently have an octa-core processor with a very powerful GPU and 4GB of RAM. This will be a defining point in moving forward with mobile hardware, pushing it to the heights of modern day laptops.

The Galaxy SIV will also sport a 4000 mAh battery, 128GB of storage, new AMOLED technologies and a very thin and light design, according to many leaks and rumours. Some should probably be taken with a large dosage of salt.

Right now Samsung seem to be poised to take the leadership role in the mobile world, with a huge growth in their mobile phone sales worldwide. While the iPhone still reigns supreme, the Galaxy SIII has surpassed the iPhone 4S in sales and we expect the Samsung SIV to surpass the iPhone 5.

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