Direct Opinion android App review

Direct Opinion android App review

Price: Free          Score: 8/10        Category: Social

Direct Opinion is a handy  survey app by DevBill. It allows you to create simple surveys using a wide variety of demographic criteria, and also allows some Facebook integration. While still a little too new to be a be-all, end-all solution, it has a lot of potential.

Once your Direct Opinion profile is created, either within the app itself or by logging into Facebook, you can create simple two answer surveys using 140 characters or less. Participants can answer by dragging a slider into the red end or green end of the answer bar, allowing them to basically set a percentage value representing their answer, with red being the negative end of the spectrum and green as the positive.

Simplified results and app activity can be posted to Facebook if you are logged in that way.

Direct Opinion android App reviewDirect Opinion android App review











Direct Opinion offers a wide variety of parameters for setting up the surveys. There are 16 categories to choose from to place your survey including news, culture, health, leisure, and politics. You can choose as many categories as you see fit for your survey.  From there you, can choose whether anyone in the Direct Opinion community can answer, or if only members fitting certain criteria like, age, sex, race, ethnicity, and marriage status may answer. For the sake of efficiency, however, you can allow only members belonging to your “targeted lists” to answer. Targeted lists are saved lists of criteria that you set up once and save.  You also choose how long to keep the survey open- anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days.

IDirect Opinion android App reviewt’s also possible to monetize your surveys. According to the Direct Opinion website:

 “Using Direct Opinion can also be a good way to earn money. Every time a user pays to access the detailed results of one of your surveys, this generates a $0.50 commission in your favor. Your commissions are calculated in real time and you can withdraw them any time.”

 While this may be true, the app is very new, with very few downloads at the time of this review, and, it seems unlikely that there will be a high demand for paid survey results, for this to be much of a useful feature. While monetization is a good incentive to use this otherwise versatile and intuitive app, it’s a feature that seems more gimmicky than useful. Another downfall of Direct Opinion is the limitation that it seems that only other people who use the app can answer your surveys, lessening the subject pool considerably.

All in all, however, Direct Opinion for Android is a compact, easy and convenient way to survey people, but it does fall short in its practicality since there is currently such a small pool of users.

Direct Opinion is free from the Google Play Store and can be downloaded on any Android device with Android 2.2  or greater.