Get your document scanning done with PDF Scanner App

PDF Scanner App – is a great document scanner that turns your iPhone into a “Pocket Scanner”. It makes your life easy by turning all your paper-based documents into PDF or JPG files. The app is great at digitizing everyday stuff like financial or academic documents, sketches, business cards, whiteboards, receipts, driving licenses, passports, etc.

Key features of this app include 3 things. They are smart detection of a document, text detection from image & document signing. Along with these features, it also enables you to store your docs within the app, both as files and in folders. Making it easy for you to keep track of your scanned documents. Another handy feature is its annotation tools. With this feature, you can easily highlight or hide any lines of any document.

Once you have scanned a document & finished all the necessary editing, you can share it with anyone over email or other social sharing platforms. You can also utilize the print option of the app. This allows you to print documents right from the app. All you need is a printer & a wifi connection. You will find lots of other features as well inside the app which are not mentioned here.

The app has 3 subscription plans built-in for some of its premium features. The great thing about its yearly subscription plan is that you have a 3-day free trial period. This will allow you to test its premium features without paying.

In the last few words, we can say that the app is quick and intuitive. It has positioned itself as an easy, reliable & fast document scanner among other document scanning apps available on the App Store. The app is free to download on iOS. We recommend you download & try out PDF Scanner App today. Hurry!