Glazed Office Screen Variations

Office design and office partitions go hand in hand, as partitions can change the appearance of a space and transform the design. Acoustic office screens are the most opted for screen as many offices struggle with noise issues, which over time can affect productivity and lower concentration levels.

However, there are alternative ways to partition a space that can work in more than one way to solve more than one problem. Glazed Office Dividers aren’t just flimsy acrylic panels, but can be fitted into a strong aluminum frame as part of a modern dividing solution.

Acrylic panels have the ability to divide an open plan space, but without blocking visibility like the full acoustic partition screen would. Incorporating clear or frosted acrylic into an office space provides varying degrees of privacy and assists a space in completely different ways.

Clear acrylic is fully transparent, letting maximum natural light shine through and enhance the room. As a window like addition, little to no privacy will be achieved but the clear divisions can be subtle enough to create barriers in the areas of the office that need it.

Frosted acrylic isn’t fully opaque but can be used for privacy as full details are erased but shadows, shapes and colours are visible. A frosted acrylic panel gives a white/grey finish and will distort any view when looking through the acrylic. Light will transmit through the frosted acrylic, but this will be significantly less than the clear acrylic.

As acrylic is a hard surface, zero noise is absorbed and won’t help with any noise or sound reductions. However, hybrid office screens are on the market that combine acoustic and acrylic panels. With a blend of materials, the ability to add a different style or working to solve multiple office concerns is a possibility. Reduce noise, allow natural light to encompass the working space and create a happy and healthy working environment.