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GoEuro is a UK and Europe centric app that allows the user to quickly and easily acess information about trains, buses and airfares – as well as book them from inside the app. This app is also available on iOS, but the android version was reviewed for the purposes of this article. The app itself is free for all users and requires a log in and at times card and monetary details.

What does it do?

GoEuro does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides access and ways to go travelling on public transport in, to and from Europe and the UK. Packed full of bus time tables, suggested routes and booking features, GoEuro combines all of your travel needs and information into one handy, easy to use app. The user interface feels sleek and fast – exactly what you need when you’re on the move or in a hurry. The clean, blue lines and orange highlights make it easy to see trains, buses or flights and their departure times, as well as making the app look and feel more professional.


GoEuro also lets you know which connections are best to get and whether your journey will be direct or need changes. Granted, this is something that many other apps and websites provide, but it is highly unusual to find all this information in one place across buses, trains and planes. It not only makes it easy to compare routes and prices, but the app has also approved the transport providers that they show, meaning that there is another thing that the traveller simply does not have to worry about.


The app also also allows the user to book directly with the travel provider, meaning less surfing around once you find a deal and more time to explore the location you are going to. With over 46,000 routes scanned daily, GoEuro is not only a unique and innovative idea but also a well thought out and effective travel tool.

Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

GoEuro is a nifty little app that packs a lot of punch and helps the addled traveller get back on their feet and, indeed, back on their travels. Be aware that the app does use the internet to search routes, so watch that you have a package or are connected to WiFi if abroad and using GoEuro, but other than that download this now and have a pleasant trip.