And, so it begins. Sunday, March 10 is the day that Apple’s allies finally got serious about fighting Google, Samsung and Android. The charge is being lead by three leading thinkers of the Post-PC epic who have individually posted scathing, nay, incendiary pieces impugning the flawgic of Android and the serial patent rapists riding that train.

Whereas Marco Arment struck the spark (nothing open about Google) and FLOSS Patents (Eating others’seed corn) fleshed out the logic, Daniel Eran Dilger’s vituperative rant (“flawgic” defines Android) is the gasoline to the flame of this new attack on all things Google, Samsung and Android.

It’s like a rapist saying he had penetrated against his own will, and please lock this [person] up before [he/she] is allowed to have forcible sex with other innocent rapists. And, can I sue [him/her] for damages? I think I hurt my penis.

Extreme? Perhaps, but no less extreme than the reflexive, knee-jerk defenses of everything Google and Samsung get up to.

To be fair, it’s unlikely in the extreme that Apple had anything to do with the appearance of any of these articles. Nevertheless, I imagine there are a lot of people in Cupertino nodding their heads in agreement as they read the words of Arment, Mueller and Dilger.

That said, although I found myself also nodding along to much of what has been written, notably fandroid’s application of “flawgic,” I was also reminded of the Mac fanbois of the late ’90s who repeated ad naseum that Microsoft stole everything from Apple and never invented anything on its own.

True to a degree, but hardly the only meaningful reading of the facts…

What’s your take?