Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop For Android, iOS Coming Later

Google has released Chrome Remote Desktop for Android devices and is planning to release the same app on iOS in the future. CRD joins a variety of other free and paid apps that allow people to access their Windows or Mac computer from far away. Now that Chrome Remote Desktop is available for download, anyone with the Chrome browser installed on both an Android device and their main computer can use the service.

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop For Android, iOS Coming LaterIn order to make a connection, the user must simply come up with a short PIN number and then enter it on both devices. Once the initial connection is made, the PIN doesn’t need to be entered every time.

With almost no effort at all, you can use remote access by enabling it on your Mac or PC with the Chrome Web Store app then you simply choose your computer’s name inside of the Android app.

If you haven’t used Chrome Remote Desktop in the past, you can get started by enabling your Windows or Mac machine for remote access through the Chrome Web Store app. Next, simply launch the Android app on your phone or tablet, tap on the computer’s name and start using your remote machine as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Download the Android app from the Play Store, and stay tuned for the iOS app later this year. – Google

As of writing, remote access doesn’t appear to be possible with a Chromebook, though you can use a Chromebook to access a Windows or Mac computer.

Once everything is setup, your Android tablet or smartphone will look just like your regular home computer, allowing you to work on it from far away.

Remote access is nothing new and it has been possible with Chrome since 2011 but the release of the Chrome Remote Desktop app on Android definitely makes things even easier.

Question – Have you used Chrome Remote Desktop? If so, how did you like it?


Summary: Google has released the Chrome Remote Desktop app on Android. It allows an Android user to access their home PC or Mac computer. An iOS app is coming in the future.

image credit: googleplay

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