Search engine giant Google has updated its Google Search iPad app, adding new features while making the application more streamlined and easy to use.

The revamped app, which is available as a free update from the App Store, presents iPad users with search results as they type their search query.

The Google Search iPad application also offers the Google Instant Preview feature, which gives users a preview of the website before actually clicking any links.

The search results appear in a preview slideshow, with users being able to swipe to the websites they are looking for, similar to the manner in which users swipe through tracks while using the iTunes Cover Flow view mode.

For the sake of convenient navigation, the Google Search app now presents multiple pages with search results, allowing users to swipe back and forth between them.

The latest update also adds +1 functionality, which allows users to share content with Google+.

Google Search is available from the App Store free of charge.

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