Microsoft Surface Tablet

In a recent interview with All Things D, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt revealed his opinions about the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet and the company that’s making it.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Schmidt is keeping an eye on the Microsoft Surface tablet but he isn’t entirely sold that the device, including Microsoft’s other recent mobile efforts, will be enough to get them entry into the “gang of four”:

“Let’s see what this new set of products does. There are well-funded, smart, well-run companies that have not been able to bring up state-of-the-art products.”

The “gang of four” was what Schmidt called the four companies that rule technology at last year’s D9 conference. These four are Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Scmidht believes that while Microsoft is a “well run company,” they’re not exactly known for trend-setting and that “they don’t make state-of-the-art products.” Schmidt also believes that Microsoft’s model of building a “structural monopoly” around Windows for PC would not be the best approach in the mobile market.

Microsoft has recently been taking steps to have a greater presence in the mobile arena. The upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet, as well as their Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, are some of the more recent evidences of their efforts. And while they’ve generated quite a lot of interest in these products, it remains to be seen if it will be received positively by the masses and generate record-breaking sales for Microsoft.

Are you looking forward to the Microsoft Surface tablet? Do you agree with Schmidt’s opinions about the device and MIcrosoft? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


[via All Things D, CNET]

  1. Microsoft isn’t an innovative company? I’m not a Microsoft defender by any means, but they are very innovative, they just can’t make their ideas catch on. They released their first tablet PC 11 years before the iPad, they had a streaming music service before anyone (didn’t catch on), they released a windows phone in 2000. These guys are great at coming up with the next big idea, they just don’t execute or promote them well. Looks like they are getting a little better at it, with the new windows phones and tablets coming out. They will have a tough time taking market share, but they proved they could do it with xBox. It is funny to think of Microsoft as the underdog.

  2. I remember when Microsoft was the big, intimidating monopolist and Apple was the boutique perfectionist that had been beaten at its own game by its closed shop policy. Like a lot of people my age, I cannot imagine counting Microsoft out because Apple makes the closed shop toy that taught the world to use tablets. I think Schmidt’ wants to promote the idea that Google is inside a club that excludes Microsoft because he’s feeling the pressure. If those are the top four tech giants, is Microsoft number five? Microsoft has a long history firmly entrenched in the enterprise; no one should count it out.

    Of course, Schmidt is concerned. If Windows 8 catches on, it may not leave much room in the market for Android. Like he said, if it works, It will be big.

  3. I really agree with jason, Also I think surface and other hybrid tablets with keyboard will have lot demand in corporate’s and serious techies .. for the sake of innovation lets hope surface wins because i think metro UI is definitely different approach.

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