X phone

X phone

A week before this report was published on The Wall Street Journal, Larry Page had an exclusive interview with Fortune to talk about Google. When interviewed, Page said Google were looking at all contributors to the Android family to see who could make their next devices, and a Motorola Nexus may not be around for a while.

On that note, we could say that the Wall Street Journal has been tipped off by someone who is just lying, or maybe Larry Page was just trying to discourage Motorola and Google’s work partnership, in order to keep the secret about the X phone. The question wasn’t “are you and Motorola working together on a phone?” it was about the possibility of a Motorola Nexus.

Google recently released their new line of Nexus devices, to create the first Nexus “family”, this included the Nexus 10, the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 with 3G and 32GB’s of internal storage. All rumours towards the next line of Nexus devices say that Motorola will be the manufacturer and the smartphone will run Android 5.0.

According to the report, Google and Motorola are currently working on the X phone, and that will be followed up by the X tablet. This line will be more Motorola based than Google’s Nexus devices, but will run, hopefully, on stock Android.

The report also says that the X phone and tablet will have new mapping technologies, flexible materials and Google may be looking to redesign the mobile, just as Apple did with the first iPhone.

We must suspect that Google will, at some point, look to Motorola to make a new line of innovative devices. With all the different Google services, combined with Motorola’s manufacturing know-how, we suspect we will see the X phone and X tablet sooner rather than never.

With the Google Glass project coming sometime in 2013 to developers and 2014 to consumers, there is plenty to be excited about with Google.

  1. Any word on release dates? For North American customers that want a phone off of contract, should one by MSRP for a Galaxy III, a premium for a Nexus 4 form E-Bay/Amazon, or just wait for Google to restock? I’d like a new device relatively soon—not this second, but hope to have one in my hands within 4-6 weeks.

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