Grandaddy Purple Feminized

The most purple strain on the block are crops produced from Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds. This award-winning hybrid was created by crossing two legendary landraces—just as purple is a cross between two noble colors, blue and red—balancing stimulation and calm.

Grandaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds carry a strong indica lineage and were created in 2003 by well-known cannabis grower and cultivator Ken Estes.

Matured crops are short and bushy and ideal for indoor and outdoor growing. They produce high budding colas with astounding purple hues covered in shimmering trichomes. The sticky, resinous buds provide delectable fruity tastes and earthy aromas for your toking pleasure.

The cerebral effects of this purple cannabis strain are long-lasting and powerful. Starting with mind-blowing euphoria that eases into an intense body calm.

Let’s explore what Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds can offer recreational users and cultivators.

Let’s go!

Grandaddy Purple Feminized Seeds Description

Crops produced by Grandaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds cross Big Bud and Purple Urkle genetics. Big Bud genes envelop the colas with huge nugs while Purple Urkle tops them off with amber pistils and amethyst-like features.

Grandaddy Purps’ feminized seeds grow into 99.9% female crops, eliminating the possibility of male plants lingering around for unwanted fertilization. This indica dominant cultivar grows into short bushy plants, fit for indoor growing.

Feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds have photoperiod flowering styles that call for manual changes in light cycles. Reduce light exposure to 12/12 (hours of light and darkness) to activate the vegetative stage of the plant.

Expect a captivating display of a dazzling plant with powerful effects and a detailed flavonoid profile.

Grandaddy Purple Feminized Effects

The buds produced from Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds are resinous and hold THC levels of 15–19%, with CBD levels of under 2%. This indica hybrid is highly regarded for its potent yet relaxing effects and powerful effects.

Puffing on buds produced from Grandaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds starts you off with a heavy cerebral and body stone. Slight euphoria couples these emotions due to the 20% sativa presence.

As your state of mind blissfully enjoys a keen sense of happiness. Shortly, your body is overcome with potent relaxing sensations—making you feel the need to chill it out on a couch. It’s not an overwhelming feeling. You still have complete control of your thoughts and movements.

Toking on the buds of Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds has a slow release before full effects are manifest. For novices, it’s best to consume in moderation and wait a few minutes between puffs.

Bake this strain at night—when you’re ready to call it a day and tuck into bed or your couch. Prepare the snacks for the increased appetite that follows the buzz. Always remember to stay hydrated during any sesh of cannabis intake.

Grandaddy Purple Flavors

Crops of Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds emit sweet grape and berry scents. With the terpene presence of camphene and valencene in these herbs, you’ll get gentle citrusy, earthy, and woodsy aromas that linger in the background.

Take satisfaction in notes of tangy yet sweet, fruity flavors as you inhale. In lieu of a skunky scent, this product emits mellow earthy, citrusy-pine, and herbal scents.

A highlight of this strain is that the buds already diffuse delightful grape-infused berry scents into the air at the flowering stage.

How to germinate Grandaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Germinating your Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds is the first step in your growing journey. It ensures the healthy growth of the crops from seed to harvest.

Various techniques are available to give your seeds the jump start they need successfully.

Here are a few helpful tips to jot down before we dive into the methods of germination:

  • Securing top-quality seeds is your number one priority. Viable ones have hard, brown casings with tiger-like stripes. Seeds from the Homegrown cannabis Co. seed bank greenlight the availability of these.
  • Germination temperatures vary between 70–90℉ depending on the method used and humidity levels between 80 and 90%.
  • Scarifying your Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds to kickstart germination is recommended. If you’re not opting to do that, soak them in water for 24 hours to soften the tough outer shell.
  • You can germinate your seeds indoors or out—with inside being the preferred method with controlled environmental temperatures.
  • Storing your cannabis seeds in a zip lock bag in the fridge simulates a change of season when you leave them there until you’re ready to germinate.
  • The taproot that appears during germination of your Grandaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds is the lifeline of your crops. It’s what eventually develops into the main stem—handling it with care is crucial when planting your germinated seed into the soil.

Successful germination of seeds requires four Essential Elements:

  • Water: Enough to keep the environment moist and damp. Overwatering rots the seeds and prevents germination from taking place.
  • Warmth: Retaining the balance between warm and hot is vital.
  • Darkness: For the taproot to break through the seeds casing, it needs darkness throughout germination.
  • Humidity: Stabilized humidity levels are crucial for purple strains.

Let’s discuss three ways to germinate your feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds:

  • The paper towel method
  • Planting directly into soil
  • Using rock wool blocks

The paper Towel Method

One of the most used methods for indoor germination.

You’ll need

  • Two sheets of non-porous paper towels
  • Two plates
  • Your seeds
  • A spray bottle with purified room temperature water
  • A tweezer


  • Moisten the paper towels using the water in the spray bottle.
  • Place one of the paper towels on top of one of the plates.
  • Use the tweezer and gently place the Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds out on the damp paper towel, an inch apart.
  • Lay the other paper towel over the seeds but don’t compress them.
  • Cover the seeds with the second plate to create a dark space and put them in a cupboard with warm temperatures of up to 72℉.
  • Check the saturation of the paper towel every few hours until you see the taproot appearing.
  • Once the little roots surface and are approximately 0.1–0.2 inches long, they’re ready to be planted into soil.
  • Use the tweezer to handle the seeds when transporting them into their growing medium. Damaging the taproot manipulates their growth patterns.
  • Sprouting should begin 1–4 days after being planted in soil.

Planting Directly into Soil

Germinating your feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds directly into soil eliminates transplanting and reduces the risk of damaging the taproot.

You’ll need

  • Potting soil that’s lightly fertilized with a pH level of six
  • A spray bottle with purified water
  • Your Granddaddy Purps seeds
  • Pot plants
  • Cling film


  • Fill your pot plants with the soil.
  • Wet the soil using the spray bottle—to moisten and not saturate it.
  • Make holes that are 0.5–1 inches deep in the pot plants for you to place the Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds in. Place one seed per pot plant.
  • Close the seeds with soil and gently flatten the soil but not compress it.
  • Wrap your pot plants with one layer of cling film and poke tiny holes on the top. It creates the ideal environment with warmth, airflow, humidity, and moisture for the seed to germinate.
  • Put the pot plants in a room with a stable temperature of 70–80℉.
  • The seedlings begin to sprout within 4–7 days, with the first leaves appearing. Remove the cling film from the pot plants.

Using Rock Wool Blocks

This method uses more materials and preparation, but investing in rock wool blocks creates the ideal environment for germinating your feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds.

Untreated rock wool has a pH balance of 7.0, which is too alkaline for germinating cannabis seeds. Soak the rock wool in a nutrient solution to stabilize the pH to 5.5.

You’ll need

  • Rockwool cubes
  • A container or tray with a lid
  • Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds
  • 2 cups of water with pH levels of 5.5–6.5


  • Place the rock wool cubes in the water until most of the water has been soaked up.
  • Remove the cubes shaking off any excess water.
  • Put the rock wool in the plastic container or tray.
  • Place a seed into a hole 0.11–0.26 inches deep.
  • Cover the container or tray with the lid and put it in a cupboard for 1–2 days to provide a moisture lock.
  • Daily monitoring is required to check the moisture of the cube. If it seems dry, then spray with pH-balanced water to moisten.
  • The taproot should appear from the Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds within 2–3 weeks and be ready for transporting into soil.

Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds grow information

At the seedling stage of Grandaddy feminized cannabis seeds, the sprout is chartering new climatic conditions for further growth. They still need relatively high humidity levels but lower than at germination. A good balance is keeping humidity at 60–70%.

Temperatures at this stage should be:

  • Daytime: 71–82℉
  • Nighttime: 64–71℉

With a 9–10 weeks flowering period, these feminized seeds produce resilient, moderately easy-to-grow crops. While they are beginner-friendly, they require a bit of attention in providing support structures to heavy budding colas and maintaining humidity levels.

Humidity requirements change as the cannabis crops grown from Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds mature after the seedling phase:

  • Early flowering (first 3–4 weeks of flowering) humidity levels: 50–60%
  • Late flowering (last 2–3 weeks of flowering) humidity levels: 40–50%

Keep humidity under wraps—these crops are resistant to the development of pesky diseases and pests. When the levels exceed 50%, the stomata close, preventing water absorption.

Cultivating Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds indoors is an easy task. Under optimal temperatures of 70–80℉, you can expect a robust plant with bountiful yields.

Plants grown from feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds aren’t tall and have many thick side branches. These boughs support the heavy colas covered in large resinous buds. Monitor your plant and add structured support if needed.

When growing Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds indoors, they won’t exceed a height of three feet. Using a sea of green (SOG) setup allows you to keep multiple plants close together, which aids the production of generous yields of 14–18 oz./m².

Outdoors grow up to six feet in a sunny Mediterranean-like climate with the ability to harvest great yields of up to 14–21 oz./plant.

Providing Grandaddy Purple crops with the right nutrients is vital for profitable growth. The three essential ones are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium

Keep nitrogen intake high during the vegetative stage while increasing phosphorus at flowering.

Crops from Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds are ready to harvest when 80% of the pistils have changed from white to red or brown.

Grandaddy Purple Feminized Seeds Genetics

Combining superior genetics from Big Bud and Purple Urkle gave rise to Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds that graced cannabis connoisseurs with its presence in 2003.

The award-winning strain won the Green Cup for three years from 2004–2006 and the Inglewood medical cannabis cup in 2004.

Purple Urkle is well known for its deep purple hues and sharp amber pistils—making crops produced from Grandaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds a beauty to look at.

Not shy of its name, Big Bud is the typical reason Grandaddy Purps yield buds in abundance covered in crystal-like trichomes.

The esteemed appearance and flavor profile of Grandaddy Purple cannabis is the result of the hereditary lineage of crossing these two strains and is high in demand across the globe.

New strains are created using Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds as a parent.

Where to buy Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place to get your share of top-quality feminized Grandaddy Purple seeds.

The user-friendly website allows you to diarise your cultivation journey. Tell all, from the moment you purchase your seed stash, to the minute you take your first inhale from the resin dripping nugs.

Join the online community to share your ups and downs and get or give advice from like-minded cannabis enthusiasts.

Learn more about the strain on your way to the seed store.

The grandest Feminized Purple Strain

With crops that look as good as those produced from Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds, we can’t help but wonder how a plant can look as good as it tastes and smells. Everything about this cultivar is spectacularly powerful.

With two legendary parents that contribute to the steller flavor profile of Grandaddy Purps, there’s no way you can go wrong with cultivating or toking on this blend. The inhale is as pleasant as the exhale with its sweet fruity flavors and aromas.

Satisfy the cerebral and cultivating needs with this award-winning strain. Potent THC levels ensure that your buzz is as satisfyingly heavy as the buds they produce.

Get cultivating with Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and light up your grow space with appealing violet crops.