Feel Sensually Empowered with Guided by Glow

Guided by Glow is a relatively new app that seeks to empower women’s sexual health and promote mindfulness. In our Guided by Glow review we see what the app has to offer.

Guided By Glow Experience

It’s pretty easy to spot Guided by Glow as the app is unique in terms of concept. It’s a guided meditation and audio story platform where you can explore your sexuality and further its wellness.

Guided By Glow with an iPhone

Guided by Glow is available to download on the App Store and Play Store for free. Should you want to unlock the full experience, the app has a 1-year subscription and a monthly subscription. You can try it out for 7 days and see if it’s right for you.

Guided by Glow’s library is already impressive- there are more than 40 sessions, and with developers, creators and artists adding new and original content every week. What’s more, it’s laid out in categories such as Ritual, Instant Chemistry, Direct Guidance, Beyond Binary, Group and Massage so you can be sure that what you’re listening to is what you want.

Guided by Glow's library

Choosing a session is simple enough, and soon you’ll be hearing the audio through your device speakers, earphones or headphones. What we like is how the cues are grounded by transcendent music and really immerse you in the story.

Should You Try Guided by Glow?

Sporting a clean and intuitive interface, users will feel right at home and can use Guided by Glow whenever they need a stress release app. Its meditation sessions alone is worth the download- however, the audio content is where it shines, as well as getting a monthly or yearly subscription for it.

The best part of Guided by Glow is that it’s developed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to promoting women’s wellness. You might blow through the 40-plus library right now but they promise weekly updates. There’s also zero ads, and you can search for your favorite session or voice easily.

We recommend you try the 7 day free trial and get a feel for the audio content. The mindfulness techniques and auditory guides serve to bring you to new heights.

Guided By Glow on Google Play
Guided By Glow on App Store