Halo 4 The Flood

We’ll go straight to the point on this one. Want to know who’s making a comeback in Halo 4? The Flood, that’s who.

Halo 4 The Flood

343 Industries has confirmed that the parasitic alien race known as The Flood will indeed be making a return in the highly-anticipated FPS due in November, Halo 4. However, the Flood will only be making an appearance in a new multiplayer mode similar to “Infection” from the previous games. CVG reports:

“Before you start flipping over tables, the parasitic aliens will only be in a multiplayer game variant called ‘Flood’, which is much like the Infection gametype from previous Halo titles.

“The mode supports 10 players, with two starting off as feral infected on a mission to spread their dirty disease to the rest of the players.”

In addition to the new multiplayer mode, 343 Industries also shared two new UNSC vehicles that will be featured in Halo 4 — a massive troop carrier aptly called the Mammoth:

Halo 4 Mammoth


And Mantis, a two-legged mech that seems ripped out of the pages of Battletech:

Halo 4 Mech


343 Industries’ Frank O’ Connor has confirmed that work on Halo 4 has been completed and is now awaiting certification. According to Videogamer, O’ Connor made the announcement at a Halo 4 event at the London Film Museum:

“We had a big piece of news yesterday back in the office, which is that the game is literally finished at this point. They are handing it off through the various certification processes and that, and we’re done.

“It’s been three years of incredibly hard work by about 300 people.”

And based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks like those 300 people did a damn fine job and we all can’t wait to get our hands on Halo 4.

Halo 4 will be released on November 6th.