samsung galaxy s iv

samsung galaxy s iv

Picture leaks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV came out from a Chinese source yesterday and were discovered by SammyHub.  While the pictures were being disputed as to whether or not they were real, a video has now come out from the same source, showing what seems to be a Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.  The video initially starts with a battery cover off displaying the back inside of the phone.  After putting on the battery and battery cover, we see a good overview of the front and back of the phone.

The design seems overwhelmingly similar to the Galaxy S III with a glossy plastic casing and the same physical home button below the screen.  Other than a size increase to 5-inches, the phone is virtually indistinguishable from the design that Samsung used on the previous generation Galaxy S.

After powering up the phone, we see the Chinese carrier China Unicom’s logo and then what looks like Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.  Basic camera functions are shown off, as well as the dialler and settings page.  While in the settings, the user goes into the “about” area to show that the phone is running Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean.)

During the entire video hands-on demonstration, you can hear a promotional video for Apple’s iPad Mini being played.  While this might not mean anything, it could be another little dig at Samsung for moving into the phablet category of phones with the size increase, as well as once again resembling the iPad and iPhone in some ways.

This video does indeed show a device that definitely looks to be the Samsung Galaxy S IV but there is no way of knowing for sure.  However, if this is the phone, I hope that the release version is a little less laggy than this device seemed to be.  Either way, we will get to see the Galaxy S IV in all its glory on Thursday, during a Samsung event in New York.