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Well, here’s something – a social app which is actually about being sociable. Hango was borne out of frustration with too many social-based applications and platforms which do very little to promote socializing at all. Instead of living in the moment, we’re flicking through apps, taking cheesy photos, editing them and posting them, tagging them, and then messaging friends to tell them about the awesome time we’re having, tweeting about it, and then checking in with our location, and then… it just doesn’t end. Hango cuts through all of that, and streamlines your social activities in the process.

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Go Out Corp has effectively made a mash-up of some of the most used aspects of mobile social interaction for group events, not breaking new ground with any elements in particular but consolidating them in a surprisingly useful way. It’s the kind of app that you won’t even know you need until you start using it.

Connect with your people, share those special moments

The core function here is all about keeping your social group connected during your event. Whether it’s a rock concert, beach party or street uprising, Hango lets users chat, post photos and keep track of one another throughout. It’s all the useful bits of the apps you would normally use in these situations, stripped down and sewn together.

So, instead of shuffling through various messaging platforms, instead of wading through Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds, or trawling through everyone’s Instagram posts, Hango keeps things simple and instant. And then, once the party is over, you can go back and relive the moments all from within one app.

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Hango keeps the party together from start to finish

It may be relatively new on the App Store, but Hango is the kind of social app that doesn’t need to be densely populated to be useful on a user-by-user level – you can invite your contacts from within the app to download Hango, and then you’re good to go. Getting started is as simple as selecting a name for your event and then inviting the guests you want to include (credit julie). The design language is clean with a trendy, current iOS feel, and the user interface is easily navigable and uncomplicated.

As previously mentioned, there isn’t really anything here that hasn’t been done by other apps in various guises, but the key is that with Hango everything is in one place – it’s about streamlining the networking elements of your social events. Neat, straightforward and available at no cost, this one should be right on the top of any true social butterfly’s download list right now.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.




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