Beats by Dre meet app by Hanks. For people of a certain, writing means typing and that means a steady stream of clickety clack sounds. Actor, director, producer and all-American icon Tom Hanks has put his name to many things, but Hanx Writer is his first iPad app.

Yes, boys and girls, now you can feel like a real writer when you type the great American screenplay on your, wait for it, iPad.

Anything is possible with money. The example of Tom Hanks new app, Hanx Writer (free, requires iOS 7 or higher), a perfect example thereof.

“What’s pleasing to my sensibilities is when you have the report of the key being struck, it allows for clear thinking,” says the Forest Gump actor. “There’s also the opportunity here to take your iPad to a coffee house and be really obnoxious with all the clickety-clacking.”

Yes, Hanx Writer is a typewriter app for the iPad, which is an interesting mental experience leaving one to wonder, “Why?”

Via The Verge
Via The Verge

Explore the Hanx Writer typewriter collection. The Hanx Prime Select is the writer’s best friend and it’s FREE; the Hanx 707 is bold enough for any journey; and the Hanx Golden Touch is sleek and elegant. Discover the unique features each typewriter has to offer. You already know how to work them – now get writing!

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates,” said Mr Hanks in character. “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Truer words have never been spoken and, if you have an iPad, Hanx Writer because it’s free…

What’s your take?