Preventing pregnancy? Sorry babies, but there”s an app for that. Hashsoft has announced myPill, an app for iOS that reminds women to take their birth control pills.

Not just a simple alarm, myPill includes numerous helpful scheduling features. It will alert users to take a pill every day at a chosen hour until the pack ends. After the seven day break, once a new pack cycle starts, it will automatically begin reminding to take pills again. myPill”s application icon badge will indicate how many pills are left, or alternatively how many days are left until a new cycle starts. Users will also be able best online casino to jot down personal notes if they need to. And, in the interested of privacy, the app is password protected.

“The idea for this app came from a real life need. I have several pill taking friends.” said Tal Hashai, who is the author of myPill and an apparent playboy. “When I wrote this app, my goal was to make the lives of women who are taking the pill easier. The design of this product is a result of conferring with different women, most of them had common needs while some had exceptions.”

myPill is available for free in the Lifestyle section of the App Store. Users will have the option of upgrading the available features for a fee of $1.99 if they so desire.