But hardly in the majority as a beefy plurality actually likes it. No accounting for sense? Or taste? In truth, there are plenty of good reasons to both love and hate iTunes 11, because it all depends on how you use it.

Not a huge survey, mind you, but Macworld UK queried more than 650 users and found that, of the 80 percent that had made the upgrade, 21 percent “hate” iTunes 11. Or, put the other way ’round, 79 percent didn’t.

That said, 44.7 percent said that they love iTunes 11, which is well under a majority, yet a healthy plurality nonetheless. In general, the professional reviewers agree with the overall conclusion — iTunes is a big improvement, especially the user interface, navigation and greatly improved Mini Player.

Though unwilling to proclaim undying love for the upgrade, I’ve been enjoying the new keyboard shortcuts.

iTunes 11 Hate

The people who don’t like, or can’t be made to care about, iTunes 11 are quite often post PC — it just isn’t relevant for those that spend most of their time on an iPad or iPhone. The other constituency among the haters is the curmudgeonly, the folks who miss the “burn to disk” button or some other forgotten legacy feature.

Bugs were off putting, too, with 18-plus percent saying issues influenced their opinion. However, Macworld UK’s survey was collected before the release of iTunes 11.0.1, which squashes many of the outstanding bugs and, this is the good part, brings back the show duplicates feature.

Burn to disk, really? Strange that anyone would mourn those endlessly scratchable plastic platters…

What’s your take?