Huawei Ascend P1

As CES comes to a close and tech blogs have their work cut out reviewing and checking out all the gadgets that came to Las Vegas, Huawei has already unveiled another mobile device that will be on show at Mobile World Congress.

While CES is undoubtedly one of the biggest electronics events in the world, smartphones and tablets aren’t talked about a whole lot because most companies hold back for MWC next month.

Last year, HTC released their unsuccessful One range, Nokia revealed the Pureview camera technology with their 41MP beast and many other companies allowed first views of their next flagship smartphone and tablet.

Consumer Business Group CEO at Huawei, Richard Yu, has said that Huawei will release their newest Android smartphones at MWC, which will include the successor to the Ascend P1, which we believe will be called the Ascend P1.

The Ascend P1 will have some really impressive features, including the slimmest design that is slimmer than the just released Alcatel Idol Ultra, at 6.45mm. Huawei had an underwhelming line of smartphones at CES, so we expect they will take full advantage of the floor space at MWC.

Nobody knows right now what the next “exciting innovative product” will be, Huawei said they were launching two. The Ascend P1 is the first, we believe the Ascend W3 may be the other. This will make up for the lacklustre Ascend W1.

Huawei has said that they will be releasing their own eight-core processor sometime this year as well, in light of Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa release that may power the next Galaxy S device.

The Exynos 5 Octa is based on Cortex A15 CPUs using ARM’s big.LITTLE processing technology. It is around 70% more efficient then previous quad-core CPUs. Qualcomm and Nvidia have also been working on new CPU technologies, released at CES.

Huawei is going all out at Mobile World Congress next month, with all their biggest Ascend smartphones to be released there.

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