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For those trying to complete the next great novel, there is usually only two road blocks: inspiration and procrastination. These two tenacious and mischievous brothers suck up your time and make sure that you’re left staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor all day, Sound familiar? Then maybe you need Haven – the new creative writing tool for budding and practised authors alike.



What does it do?

Haven: Creative Writing Tool literally creates a sort of writing haven on your desktop. A mac only application, It opens up to what seems like a frankly idyllic scene of winter frost, with an eerie wind sound effect to match. Instantly, you are transported to the Nordic tundra of Jutland; alone with only the elements to keep you company.





Nice, yes? Some may even say inspiring. Haven actually has a range of scenes and sound effects to choose from depending on your mood, story or personality type. Write better in crowded spaces? Switch to the Berlin theme, complete with the chattering hum of urban life. Book set in the deep jungle? One click and you will be immersed in a beautiful rainforest backdrop, accompanied by the cacophony of sounds the rainforest canopy makes. At the top of the screen, you may even finally notice that faint, tapping cursor once more, but this time you may even be inspired enough to replace it with words.


haven 3


Haven has many other features included to push you along the long and often tiresome journey of story writing. There are special dice that can be called down to give a randomised place, feeling or emotion to write about, as well as a scene generator to really get the creative juices flowing. There are even some inspirational quotes from authors and well know classical texts to really push the writer forward, as well as a ‘myths and legends’ drop down, where the reader can read about the ancient stories of the world and even let these inform their work.


haven 5

Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

In all, Haven: Creative Writing Tool is a smart and fun application that really does allow the writer to immerse themselves in their story. Granted, the scene and quote tools are useful for writer’s suffering from the dreaded block, but the most unique and innovative thing about the app was most certainly the themes and simple writing interface. No fuss, no frills, just you and your story. Plus, it is easily exported to the word processing program of your choice at the click of a button. Download Haven today and let your story unfold.