We all want the best when it comes to our health, including care, medicines, and hospital or clinic facilities.

HealthChampion Symptoms, Care & Records Manager is an app that enables you to take control of your health, whether it be in aspects of fitness, medical or well-being.

Let’s take a look at what the platform has to offer in our HealthChampion review.

What is HealthChampion?

HealthChampion is an all-in-one app that allows users to better manage their health.

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For one, it features health data integration from today’s healthcare systems and hospitals, which means you can easily access your records whenever you need them. There’s a prescription tracker and support for top medical devices and fitness apps such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Omron and the like.

Moreover, the app supports multiple users so you can add and check on your family’s condition and health.

HealthChampion App Features

Health, Device and Fitness Tracker Data Integration

With HealthChampion, you only need one app to handle your medical records, view your fitness data and medical devices, and other health-related data.

Some of the supported data integration include medical records, Apple Health, Lifetrak, StepsCount and TomTom, as well as iHealth, AsthmaMD, BodiMetrics, iGlucose devices and more.

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Access to Personal Health Pathways

In HealthChampion, users can get clinically-designed and personalized health improvement programs that are called ‘health improvement pathways’.

These pathways were made by health, wellness and medical professionals and contain invaluable tips and strategies on how you can lose weight, help your parents or charge recover faster from a procedure or accident, and manage lifelong conditions like asthma, for instance.

Cloud-Based Security

HealthChampion protects user data by storing them in a cloud-based environment. You can be sure that your medical records will stay safe and protected. Data can be gathered via devices, Internet of Things and apps.

Improved Healthcare Response

Healthcare won’t end as soon as you leave the hospital after an in-patient procedure. With HealthChampion, you can continue to get advice and medical help from medical providers and healthcare managers on pre- and post operation processes. Continued care equals faster recovery and increased quality of life overall. 

HealthChampion is a free-to-download app and offers an early adopter access for those who are interested. Try it out today!

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