If you have spent more than a few hours walking the upscale shopping districts of Greater China, you will have no doubt seen first hand an obsession with gold — Lucky Golden Promtion, Golden Horse Film Festival, Golden Way Travel, etc. Likewise, Hello Kitty is an equally pervasive affliction. So, when I saw purported images of a Hello Kitty Pink iPhone 6s, it seemed like destiny.

While Apple does sell the gold iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus around the world, the company adopted the color because many, many our friends in Asia, China specifically, have an obsession with it. Apple’s gold iPhones have sold like crazy.

Now, have you ever seen a Hello Kitty store? How about a Hello Kitty themed airport waiting lounge? Needless to say, if Apple sold a pink iPhone — Hello Kitty’s color — the company would sell tens of millions of them, especially in Asia.


“Based on claims from reliable analysts, and Apple’s history of expanding colors and features its product portfolio, a rose gold or pink version of the iPhone 6S sounds highly likely,” writes 9 to 5 Mac. “With its last ‘S’ iPhone upgrade, Apple launched a now-popular gold color, so with this 6S coming up, it would make sense for Apple to expand either rose gold or a less gold-tinted pink color over to the aluminum casing of the iPhone.”

While 9 to 5 Mac points out some fairly obvious reasons why the pink iPhone shown above isn’t “real,” there is no question Apple would be foolish not to make one. In fact, if Apple tinted its pink iPhone 6s just “Hello Kitty” right, it would be genius.

What’s your take? Is the world not ripe for a Hello Kitty pink iPhone 6s? Do you already have shelf space reserved for a pink iPhone 6s in your Hello Kitty collection?