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Hero TD – Ancient Continent is a game developed by by YuchGame Studio. Ancient Continent is a new 3D Tower Defence game with an incredibly immersive storyline mode. It covers the traditional style of Tower Defence extremely well and adds elements of roleplaying and fantasy games also.


Ancient Continent is one of the most ambitious, immersive and hardcore games available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry10 for novice adventurers and veteran gamers alike.

Ancient Continent can be played as a single player campaign or you can join other players in online multiplayer which ads another dimension to the already complex gameplay. Even in the map screen popups come up and show what other players have achieved or are doing. The social multiplayer aspect of the game is quite in-depth for a mobile tower defence game.

We found one issue arose if you kept the game running for a long period of time and locked your device. When you opened it back up it will show an error message for timing out but after a second it will log you back in and you are free to play.

There are tutorial-like hints for the first mission however we found them a little hard to understand, especially when they appeared during a cutscene. Once you pass all of this and get into the thick of things it can be quite an enjoyable game with many customisable heroes with an array of items and skills that can be upgraded as you level up.

heroTD03 heroTD04

Not just available on iOS, Hero TD – Ancient Continent is available for free download for all iPhone, BlackBerry10 and Android Smartphones and Tablets from the Google Play StoreApp Store and BB App World today.

Hero TD – Ancient Continent requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.