The launch of WizKids Games’ HeroClixTabApp, a half-digital, half-physical iPad game using the collectible HeroClix mini figurines, sounds like futuristic science fiction. The game will use the physical Marvel Universe HeroClix figurines as game pieces, interacting with virtual game arenas in an iPad game. Back in my day, we had to mash our action figures against each other and argue about which superhero would win.

Intended Game play requires a free download of the iPad game found here, and the purchase of a special Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp figurine pack. This pack includes minis of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America miniature figures, to scale with the rest of the HeroClix figures for play in the regular tabletop game and as game pieces in the new iPad app. WizKids promises “advanced figure recognition technology” which seems to mean that the game identifies the character and presents his missions for the player.

In addition to those Avengers figures, WizKids Game is also releasing other branded Marvel miniature figures, like an X-Man series with Wolverine, Cyclops and Iceman. All of these figures can be used in the regular tabletop HeroClix game as well.  Interested players without HeroClix figures can sample the iPad game with a Don’t Have A Figure gameplay option.

Players will use their HeroClix figures to unlock comic book stories, missions and maps for each character. Then they’ll be able to use their HeroClix superhero to fight a variety of enemies on these maps, gaining powers and skills through experience and using their character’s special abilities to battle adversaries. They’ll fight low-level minions and progress through to fighting supervillian bosses, as the story unfolds and the player’s character levels up.

The HeroClix iPad game is available as a free download here, and is compatible with iPad 2 and 3.