Herogo TV

Herogo TV by Navroz Media Network promises unlimited content viewing and streaming, as well as paid content for watching on the go. Here’s a quick overview and HeroGo TV review.

What is HeroGo TV? First Impressions

Herogo TV is the latest app to come from Navroz Media. The premise is simple and something you may have seen before. Billed as the #1 Entertainment App, Herogo TV has a lot of content on offer, including Disney movies and theatrical releases.

HeroGo TV in screenshots

Locating the app on both the App Store and Play Store poses no problems at all, and the app is small enough that it doesn’t take up a significant amount of storage space. Opening it and browsing through available content is quick and responsive enough. The interface mimics popular streaming apps Netflix and Apple TV+, with helpful sections and links for viewers.

The Herogo TV in Action

With a phone connected to the internet, we open the Herogo TV app and try to watch a show. There are quite a number of videos in the free category, and the content loads up quickly with mobile network enabled. Resolution is limited to full HD but this might get scaled higher when you have a Roku TV or Apple TV connected.

Movies on HeroGo TV

Herogo TV has a separate section for paid content- this usually includes the latest movies that haven’t made it to major streaming platforms yet. We see exclusive discounts and bundled offers on similar movies and shows so you can binge-watch over the weekend. There are free channels as well, including Euronews and Al-Jazeera for catching up on the latest trends or current events, or when you just want something playing in the background.

Is Herogo TV a Worthy Try (Should You Download It?)

HeroGo TV is a great place to start when you want to watch live channels and free videos. It’s optimized for mobile so you can just download and start viewing streaming content. A significant portion of the content is free, so it’s definitely worth checking out when you want entertainment on the go.

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