Price: $2.99    Score: 10/10   Category: Games

Purchase EA‘s High Caliber Hunting for iPhone and expect to do nothing else for the rest of the day. This title is fun, highly addictive, and graphically amazing.

When you open High Caliber your speakers will flood with a bit of honky tonk, and you choose between quick play, pass and play (multiplayer), or career play and let the good times roll.

Whichever player mode you choose, you’ll end up hunting boar, dear, elk, squirrels and more as you unlock and traverse the open spaces of Texas, Alaska, Canada, and Iowa. The landscape is a little different in each location, and you’ll quickly find yourself shooting through rainy days and toward the tops of snowy mountains.

Unlike most iOS hunting games, High Caliber Hunting lets you side-scroll to cover a fairly large chunk of ground so if you missed that boar the first time you’ll certainly get a second chance.

The graphics in High Caliber Hunting are so good that at first I felt a little bad about playing. While there isn’t blood, the animals are pretty realistic and you see your game fall to the ground as their heart stops beating. There’s also a feature that shows your heart shots in slow motion, which rubs everything in just a little more.

In the end I let my feelings of guilt subside. Each level has its own challenge, whether it’s shooting four animals “in the vitals” or shooting 10 squirrels before seven get away, and it’s easy to get obsessed with beating them.

Between levels you apply earned skill points and buy upgraded guns and hunting gear based on your earnings from previous kills. This aspect of the game is wonderfully set up, and everything about High Caliber Hunting is built to challenge hunters just the right amount.

If hunting is your thing, or even if you just like point and shoot games, this is a must have title.

Bottom Line: High Caliber Hunting is a well executed hunting game with enough features to keep you obsessed for hours. A must have.