Honda Brazil Official Website Hacked

The official website of Honda Brazil has been hacked by a hacker claiming to be Sm0ld3r. The hacker some how gained access to the websites subdomain, allowing the hacker to upload a deface page of his. Sm0ld3r left a message stating “Hacked By Sm0ld3r” on the deface page.

According to the defacement, no special reason appears to be behind the hack. Although this surely proves that Honda Brazil servers are poorly secured and needs its website management team to look into the servers and website security to avoid future hack attempts.

Honda Brazil Official Website Hacked
Honda Brazil Official Website Defacement Screenshot

The website remains working perfectly although it has been hacked. The hacker added a deface page on a specific web page, allowing other web pages to work without a problem. The URL that has been defaced is ““.

We will update you with more information about the defacement in this news article as soon as we get new updates.


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