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How can I avoid SPF failures and DNS Lookup limit?



How can I avoid SPF failures and DNS Lookup limit?

Your standard email authentication protocol: Sender Policy Framework, or SPF is not all perfect. In case you didn’t know, SPF has a limit of 10 DNS lookups. Exceeding this limit returns a PermError result and invalidates SPF, causing even legitimate emails to fail authentication.

One of the common techniques used to resolve this issue is called SPF flattening. This is when, instead of the include statements themselves, the IP addresses behind them are put as a part of the SPF record. However, when done manually, SPF flattening can have multiple problems. The primary problem being, your email service providers can change or add to their IP addresses, without notifying you as the user. This again can invalidate your SPF record.

This is why we have PowerSPF. A dynamic and automated technique for SPF flattening that replaces all your mechanisms with a single include statement, so that you always stay under the 10 DNS lookup limit. We ensure that your authorized IP addresses are always up-to-date, without any intervention from your side. Ensure email authentication, enhance deliverability and stay under the DNS lookup limit at all times, only with PowerSPF.