Nowadays, data and its significance are on the rise mainly due to the ability that companies now have to gather and compile information in their related fields. This data, when handed to data analytics professionals, provides companies with insight that helps them to identify the areas they need to improve upon. They may need to specialize their services or products or even find loopholes in their particular markets.

Where can you find data analytics being processed?

As a few would expect, data analysts can influence the policing and security. When using the predictive analytics of historical and geographical data, predictive analysis can forecast the rise of crime depending on the data provided. Cities like London, Los Angeles and Chicago have deployed police officers in certain locations at certain times, which has significantly reduced the city’s crime rate. Another area that can be significantly strengthened by data analytics, and is seldom thought of is transportation. One of the more recent examples is the London Olympics.  Passenger data was analyzed to predict how many of them would board trains throughout the day and night. This increased the efficiency and accuracy of the transportation system by a great margin. The athletes and spectators experienced no difficulties. If we take a look at traditional uses for data analytics and look at the world of finance, we can easily agree that data analytics is the best tool available to detect fraud and risks. Data for these operations is collected in various stages for different purposes and is compiled to design a profile for analysis. Another practice is the use of data analytics in the insurance industry where risk management is the prime focus. They analyze various forms of data from individuals and, based on initial data reviews of an individuals profile, they can theorize whether the loan will be repaid or not. Larger firms in focused on delivery have also started to make serious use of data analytics when they search for the best routes for package delivery. They may even predict the best times for delivery. Large firms, like FedEx, use data analytics to achieve the best cost efficiency.

How is the internet driven by data analytics?

Internet and data go hand in hand. They are the oxygen and hydrogen in a water molecule.  Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo are fed data. Their results come from the extensive analysis of keywords and are providing accurate results to their users.

How can studying data lower cost?

Data analytics has a vital role in cost reduction, especially that of state expenditures. It has been observed that a large amount of taxpayer dollars is spent on small remodels. However, the deployment of data analytics ensures that money is spent in a manner which proves to be the most effective for people with thoughts about possible cost reduction.

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