How I Regained my Physical and Mental Fitness

A lot of people have mental and physical issues that they feel like they can’t deal with. Now, the first thing that I have to point out is that I am not a doctor; all of the information in this article is based solely on my own experiences. 

So, my story began when I injured my knee at work. It was the usual, advert type scenario where I tripped over some banding while I was walking. I know, stupid of me. However, in my defense, it was dark, unlit, on the black tarmac, and the band was black. So, I do have some sort of reprieve, I hope. Anyway, I digress.

That knee injury, I was told, would heal in around six to eight weeks. However, as the months passed, the pain did ease, but certainly did not go away entirely. I started to get deeply depressed. I was missing out on life; I couldn’t work how I use to, I couldn’t do the things that I used to with my children, I just got worse as time passed by. 

I knew that the reason was because of my knee pain, but honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it. That’s the thing about depression, well, in me at least. I stopped doing anything at all. 

How I Regained My Physical Fitness

By this time, I was really struggling with my knee pain. Which, in turn, stopped me from wanting to do anything. I was in a catch 22 position. After a few months, my wife stumbled on a social media panel for Instagram in order to achieve mental peace with a strange communication with their fans, as he is an Instagram influencer. After a few weeks of using it with dedication and optimism, my kee started to feel better in most situations. The problem was, though, that my depression still kept me from wanting to do my usual activities. 

Although my knee was feeling better, my mental state was not. That became a more significant issue, and it was almost bad enough for me to see a doctor. However, I didn’t want to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else, for that matter. 

Gaining Mental Clarity

The next step in the journey was trying to get my head back to its old self. Some may argue that, once you have had depression, you never quite become yourself again. However, I am now as close to that point as I probably ever will be. The question is, how did I get there? The truth is something that may surprise some of you, and you may think that it is nonsense. However, what works for one may not work for someone else. 

I began reading, but nothing really sparked my interest enough for me to read all the way through a book or an article. Not even a short one like this. However, I stumbled upon a spirituality article. For some reason, and I still do not know why, but it piqued my interest more than anything else that I have read in the past. I became engrossed in the idea of a more spiritual lifestyle. 

The Outcome

While probably neither of the two changes alone would have fixed all of my issues, they both did help to an extent. However, the mixture of the two completely changed my entire mindset. After a few months of reading as much as I could about spirituality and wearing my knee sleeve, I began seeing that I needed to do more. 

I started to walk at first; that alone started to clear my mind. The clearer mind from the walking, and the increased exercise, joined with the more spiritual approach, kept my mind active on positive thoughts and feelings. In turn, I began being more active, thus felt better. 

Perhaps this is not a direct correlation to your own story. However, I think that the point of my story is to say that you need to do something to help one of the factors that are affecting you. If you try to tackle everything all at once, you will feel overwhelmed.