How Social Media is Shaping the Real Estate Industry

It seems that social media has infiltrated all areas of modern life, and real estate is no exception. Social media has now become a key place to sell, buy and rent your next home, as well as browse local property prices, find a new mortgage and secure the best estate agent deals. Here are just a few ways that social media is shaping the real estate industry.

Better Property Visibility

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are a first time buyer on the hunt for your dream place, social media offers better property visibility than ever before. Sites such as Facebook are overtaking competitors, including Zoopla and Rightmove, when it comes to offering potential buyers the chance to take a peek inside their properties. Social media is a visual medium, which also means it is the perfect place for estate agents to display high quality photographs of properties and even movie tours of the interior and drone footage of any exteriors too. This allows potential buyers and renters to gain a really good insight into the property without ever having to step through the door! It can also provide an excellent way for you to sell your home or attract would-be renters by giving a taster of what it might be like to live in your property without the inconvenience of multiple viewings.

Diversification of the Market

Social media is also making it easier for smaller and newer estate agent businesses to make their mark onto the market. This can be really important, not just for helping the local economy, but also allowing buyers, sellers and renters to take advantage of better rates and more bespoke prices. A newer agent is more likely to offer flexible percentage rates when buying and selling, whereas a more established estate agent may be locked into certain deals by an overriding head office decision. In this way, social media is allowing the property market to become more diverse, creating a platform for newer estate agents to build their reputation.

Improved Estate Agent Networking

Word of mouth has always been an important aspect of any successful real estate business, and as a buyer or seller, having a good relationship with your estate agent is key. Social media allows customers to interact more directly with their chosen estate agent, as well as leave reviews. Verified customer reviews allow potential buyers, sellers and renters to see at a glance the reputation of any given estate agent. This can help you to easily see which agents are offering a high level of customer service, and which are attracting more negative feedback. Moreover, social media allows potential clients to rave about certain agents too, which not only assists in expanding the customer base of the agency, but allows potential buyers and sellers to interact with one another in order to find the best deals.

Money Saving Strategy

Using social media can offer a great way to sell your home whilst also saving you money too. It costs estate agents significantly less to advertise via social media, and you are more likely to attract a buyer in your local area. This means viewings are easier to organize, and you are not spending months trying to drum up interest in your property. Social media also allows you to list your property yourself if you feel confident to cut out the cost of an estate agent completely, although there will still be associated legal fees during the actual process of the sale. However, choosing not to use an estate agent at all can still save you a lot of money.

Faster Sales

One of the biggest ways in which social media is shaping the real estate industry is the way it is revolutionizing how people can buy or sell their home faster than ever. Social media helps to cut out the middleman bargaining and time-wasting viewings which can often hold up a sale. Instead, using the internet to sell your home allows you to be completely in control, so you can get moving faster. If you are looking to sell house quickly UK can be the solution you need. There are no fees, no holdups and you can feel reassured that only the highest offer will be accepted. So why not use social media to help sell your home faster today.

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