How to Clean Dog Ear Infection

When a grungy smell is sensed from the ears of a dog, it is often caused by yeast or bacterial infection. The causes and symptoms behind various ear infections are described here It is advisable to know the possible causes of ear infection and visible signs before determining the build-up of earwax as infection. Sometimes dog owners confuse earwax buildup with infection and in turn, clear the earwax or debris more frequently.

Sponging Ear Infection

An ear infection is the most commonly developed ear disease in dogs, especially with floppy ears. There are three different kinds of ear infections observed in dogs i.e., otitis externa, otitis media, and otitis interna. The most severe infection occurs in the middle car canal and nearby eardrum commonly referred to as otitis media and otitis interna respectively. The infection from the external ear i.e., otitis externa can spread to the middle ear and the inner ear increasing the severity. Mild ear infection caused nearby external parts of the ear to the middle ear canal can be treated at home. The otitis externa and otitis media can be cleaned at home by using home remedies of natural ingredients. If the infection in the middle ear is serious, it should not be treated at home.

Restorative Cleaning of Ear during Infection

The inside surface of a dog’s ear is likely to be in L-shaped, which traps liquid and moisture inside causing infection. It is advisable to clean the ear with the help of cotton buds and veterinarian prescribed cleansing agent. However, some homemade mixtures can also be used for cleaning mild ear infection of dogs.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

A cleansing liquid can be prepared by mixing equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. With the help of a dropper, few drops of this solution can be poured nearby the external parts of the ears, and then a cotton swab must be used to clean the ear.

  • Boric acid

After bating the pet or after recreational swimming, the external ear including the ear canal must be cleaned with soft cotton twisted angularly to reach all the places inside the dog’s ears. After drying the ears thoroughly, the boric acid powder can be sprinkled inside the ear. Boric acid has anti-bacterial properties that can help to reduce bacterial or yeast infection.

  • Garlic infused Coconut Oil

A mixture of garlic and coconut oil can be used as a part of a home remedy to clean the dog’s ears. This mixture should be freshly prepared before each use. Two cloves of garlic should be boiled with 40ml of coconut oil and after the mixture comes to lukewarm temperature, cotton pads can be dipped into this oil for cleaning ear wax.

Ear Cleaning Procedure

Consulting a veterinarian is necessary before cleaning the ear, which is producing sticky yellowish fluid discharge or is swollen and red. Mild ear infection with an itchiness can be cured with home remedies.

  1. Dog owners can either sit or stand depending upon the size of the dog. The dog should be positioned between your legs facing on the rear end. The ear having infection should be clearly exposed to the owner.
  2. The ear can be exposed by grasping the ear flap or ear pinna vertically upwards. Holding the ear in this manner will straighten out the ear canal and helps the reach the inside with cotton buds.
  3. The owner or person who is cleaning the ear must hold the cleansing solution on the other hand. The solution should be poured in a bottle with controllable nozzle or dropper.
  4. An adequate amount of ear cleaning solutions must be poured inside the ear canal. While squeezing the bottle slowly at regular intervals, the tip of the nozzle should not come in direct contact with the ear as the solution may get contaminated.
  5. While holding the ear flap vertically upwards, the ear should be messages slowly. This will help the solution to penetrate deep inside the ear and loosen the debris or earwax inside.
  6. During the message, there will be squishing and swirling sounds that will clarify the cleansing process is going on smoothly.
  7. After that, the solution should be absorbed completed with the help of cotton. And the debris should be cleaned with cotton buds.
  8. It is advisable to clean the ear from the exterior ear lop till the middle ear canal with the help of clean and sanitized fingers.
  9. All the moisture and debris should be thoroughly cleaned and dried with cotton pads.
  10. There should not be any overgrown fingernails and the process should be conducted with clean and sanitized equipment and tools. The place should have adequate light and air for carrying the cleaning process smoothly.

The severe ear infection caused in the middle and inner ear causes hearing loss, facial paralysis, loss of balance, deafness, and vestibular abnormalities in dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to clean earwax regularly with safety measures to prevent infection.