How to earn Old-School RuneScape gold at a low level?

When you just start playing Old-School RuneScape, either for the first time or when making a new character, it can take a while to start earning some real OSRS gold. While there is still lots of things to do at the start of the game, it can feel a little lacking when it comes to trying to earn some meaningful amounts of gold. When you don’t really have any skill and are low level, there is a very simple way to earn some gold if you’re willing to grind.

Kill Chickens

This is the best option because anyone can do this grind. All you need to do is go kill some chickens with whatever weapons you have on hand and you can keep doing this for as long as you need. Plus, you can do this at any level however, the OSRS gold you get isn’t that significant once more options open up to you. If you ever need to kill some time though, killing chickens is still a good option to stay occupied and earn a bit of precious OSRS gold too!

Sell the loot

How do you get gold? Well, the chickens will drop feathers, bones and raw chicken when they die which can all be sold to vendors and other players. Feathers can be stacked and are used for fly-fishing which means player usually need them along. However, bones are also useful to players who need them to level up their Prayer so players also want them. Unlike feathers, bones and raw chicken cannot stack and take up one slot per item so your inventory will get full pretty fast. Which means you will need to be running to the bank fairly often to sell off all those items before returning to the hunting grounds for more grinding.

Where to grind

The best place for grinding chickens is across the bridge from Lumbridge castle and just up the path to the north. You know you reach the right place when you come to a potato field, the chicken coop will be on the left to it. There are plenty of chicken to kill there so you can collect lots of OSRS items for sale, go back to sell it all then run back over to do it all again.

How to get the most out of it

If you do this for 1 hour, you should be able to grind out around 50k at the most. Of course, grinding like this might get a little dull but it does help to level up your attack as well. Another good way to earn some OSRS gold is to actually level up your skills, it’s very profitable! You want to level up skills such as Farming, Slaying, Hunter, Thieving and Runecrafting to earn easy OSRS at the higher levels. Though if you want a steady income then Woodcutting, Fishing and Mining are good consistent money earners for anyone in Old-School RuneScape.

Killing chickens will help you level up but it won’t be that quickly so don’t rely on this. However, you can grind out some gold from the chickens and on the way back to sell the loot you could still kill some other enemies for more XP.