How to Edit an Admission Essay: Hacks & Tips

When there is only one step left to the college or university of your dreams, you really want to do everything perfectly. Inasmuch as an admission essay writing is an important stage in the admission process, it is necessary to give it special attention.

An admission essay is an opportunity for the admission committee to get to know you and understand your motivation. What is more, the essay gives the possibility to demonstrate your strengths. This does not mean that you need to describe them in detail in the text. Just assure quality editing for your essay, and such things as compliance with essay requirements, excellent grammar, and logically built text structure will show what you are capable of.

The point is that correct text formatting and the ease of reading demonstrate your ability to pay attention to details.

Therefore, the admission essay editing stage is as important as the writing process.

To accelerate the editing procedure, it is better to follow a predetermined plan, which should include these points:

  • Text formatting standards
  • Style of writing
  • Grammar
  • No stylistic mistakes
  • Punctuation

It goes without saying that the implementation of the editing plan requires time and effort. Even more, if you do not have enough experience in essay editing, the process could be quite stressful. So, if you feel that help will not be superfluous, it is reasonable to try the professional editors for students by EssayEdge. The team of professional editors is always ready to bring your essay to perfection.

Text Formatting Standards

Consider that the admission essay is not a free-form text on any topic. There are clearly stated requirements, which must be followed. So, pay attention to such aspects as word count, text size and font, page margins, essay heading design, etc.  

Style of Writing

This point of the plan includes three main aspects: logical text structure, a connection between sentences and paragraphs, and relevant content.

Remember that your text should clearly convey a well-formulated main idea, which, moreover, should be well-argued.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid turns of speech that are intended for the formal expression of thoughts.


Of course, your admission essay has to be grammatically correct. In fact, this is about respect for a reader.

Even if you are sure that grammar knowledge is one of your strengths, it is still recommended to use one of the online grammar checking services. 

No Stylistic Mistakes

Stylistic mistakes are the main enemy for the correct expression of your thoughts. It is obligatory to know what exactly a phrase or a turn of speech means and how to correctly use it. Fortunately, there is Internet to help you. If you had to write your essay in a place without an Internet connection, you should highlight the points you are not sure about and check them later when the web signal appears.  


Necessarily check the placement of commas, colons, dashes, etc. It is useful to use the services of special online checking programs.