How to Enjoy Online Games and Earn Money

Video games were once considered a niche hobby and a waste of time. However, recent studies have found that playing games could improve memory, motor skills, and impart valuable life lessons. With the wave of pay-to-earn games, people have found out that they could earn a bit of cash and enjoy at the same time.

What is Play to Earn?

Play to earn is a new model in the gaming industry. In simple terms, it means that players could potentially earn monetary rewards in the form of in-game tokens, NFTs, and cash. The model isn’t new in the MMORPG genre- people could sell their in-game items in exchange for cash, and online casino websites such as Andar Bahar allow its clients to exchange their winnings as bank account deposits or transfers.

That said, if you love playing online games and want to make a side income, here are five steps you can take to start your journey.

Understand the Game

Not all play-to-earn games are the same. Some are based on traditional card games like Baccarat, while others are tied to traditional niches like RPGs and first-person shooters. Before playing to earn, you must understand the game first and learn to navigate it. A basic understanding is an essential requirement so you can start earning cash later on.

Figure Out the Win Mechanic

Once you’ve learned how to play, you must then figure out how you can make money from it. Some games have a simple win mechanic, like in Rummy where you must have a specific set of cards to win. Others will outline their win mechanics, such as having a high-value or rare item they can exchange for cash. Modern games will have their own micro-economy or marketplace where you can sell and trade easily without having to exit.

Consistent Practice

Now that you know how to earn, you must practice enough that you can win consistently. It’s a great idea to play the game first without investing in anything other than time. It’s not enough to pour in hundreds of hours doing the same thing- you’ll have to learn to adjust your strategy or plan accordingly. Looking up guides and tutorials online can help, especially if it’s your first time playing.

Find Games Worth Your Time

Games are spoiled for choices when it comes to play-to-earn games. There are the aforementioned NFT games, as well as online casino platforms where you can play slots or poker, for example. You can even monetize it in different ways, such as offering to level up a character or selling an extremely rare item on the internet. It’s okay if the game is boring and you want to move on but also consider the earning potential of the platform before doing so.

Find Games You Want to Play

Of course, the point of playing games is to have fun and enjoy, and if you’re not having those then it’s a safe bet that you should try another.