How to Farm Bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov

If you have been wondering how to farm bitcoin in Tarkov, then here is how you can do so.

The way in which you can engage in farming the bitcoin Tarkov style involves a number of different factors. It focuses on upgrades that can be made in and around your hideout which will eventually serve as your currency income. It isn’t exactly straightforward to do it, however, so you will want to have a quick look over at the following guide on how to make it a success.

After all, it is worth mentioning that if you are new to Escape from Tarkov, then there is quite a lot for you to have to learn about. If you are trying to come to terms with terminologies such as the lucky scav junkbox, or information on certain Tarkov items, then you are more than likely aware that you are going to have a lot to learn in order to get to grips with the game. When it comes to bitcoin, you will need to have a few ideas of exactly how the system works before you can take advantage of it.

What are Bitcoins?

First off, we can take a look at what bitcoins are. In Escape from Tarkov, bitcoins are treasure items that can then be traded to vendors or to get Roubles. They are found in a number of places, such as safes, caches, and similar locations or even as rare drops. The word rare plays a key factor here, as the point should be made that they are not come across very often. So, if you do want to get bitcoin on a regular basis to help make hideout income, then you will have to farm the bitcoin itself.

Create and Use a Bitcoin Farm

So if you want to get a farm yourself, then you will need to have the finances to invest in making one. You will also need to have achieved certain upgrades to your hideout for it to work. These include level 2 upgrades for your Generator, Vents, Stash, and Intelligence Center. Level 3 upgrades will also be required for your Security, Lavatory, Nutrition Unit, Illumination, and Medstation.

Once your farm is up and running, its time to put it to good use. Firstly, we are going to need to see what GPU amounts you have on the farm. If you have a single Graphics Card then you stand to make 1 bitcoin for every 20 hours. It doesn’t sound like much, so our next task is to try and lower these numbers. We can do this by farm upgrades that will allow us to add more Graphics Cards to the farm. For example, if you have a farm that is completely stocked at level 1 then you can have 10 Graphics Cards, which would bring in 1 bitcoin every 12 hours and 50 minutes. If you get a level 2 farm then you can add 25 GPUs and you can double this amount with a level 3 farm. Once you are at a point where you have 50 GPUs, you will only have to wait five hours to make 1 bitcoin.

Farming the Bitcoin

Our farm may now be set up, but we still need to figure out just how much we can farm. Each farm is about to hold a total of 3 bitcoins, so how much you farm will be dependent on what hours you put into Escape from Tarkov. Say if you were to add anything above 15 GPUs into your farm but you only frequent Tarkov now and again, then you don’t really need to bother investing in the first place. After all, this level of frequency doesn’t really justify the investment that you will have to make.

This method caters more to those who are playing the game daily. If you are only of these players, then you won’t need to invest in any more than 25 GPUs to make a success of it. Even though you have this many, it is still going to take some time for you to complete, so it will be a while before you see the payoff.

Either way, at least now you know what you are getting yourself in for when it comes to what farming bitcoin Tarkov has to offer. As long as you take note of the GPUs that you use and how much time you are willing to put in, then you shouldn’t have much issue with the farming side of matters.

Have you managed farm bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov? Let us know in the comments section below!