How to Find the Best Guest Posting Sites

If you’re looking for a free, online venue for your articles, guest posting is the answer. There are thousands of guest posting sites on the Internet, but where do you begin? Here are some tips to get your articles published. First, check the website’s requirements. The requirements usually state what kind of content they expect from guest posts, as well as what’s allowed. Before you submit an article, read the guidelines to see if there are any requirements for length. Keep in mind that different websites require a different length, so don’t feel obligated to submit something that’s too long.


There are several ways to use Quota as a Guest Posting Sites. Users can ask questions and receive answers from experts in various fields. The site has a lot of traffic and boasts an estimated 300 million monthly visitors. One way to use Quota to promote a brand is to answer questions related to your niche or industry. The questions you answer can be shared on social media and continue to drive traffic to your website and brand for months to come.

Another great way to promote your brand is to link to relevant content on your website. Quota allows you to embed YouTube videos into your answers. By using YouTube videos, your audience can get a deeper understanding of a topic. Quota also allows you to link to external sites that offer valuable information. Moreover, it ranks well in search engines. If people are looking for information on a specific topic, Quota can show up as a result.

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is a leading authority website on enterprise B2B marketing. They accept both text articles and graphics as backlinks. The site is a hub for content marketing education, and its active Twitter account offers a community for readers to connect with other digital marketers. While the site does not publish original content, it does accept guest posts from authors with exceptional writing skills. For more information about guest posting opportunities, visit the site.

Before submitting your first guest post, make sure to review the site’s submission guidelines. It is important to follow the site’s guidelines, since substandard content can negatively affect a site’s reputation. If your post isn’t tailored to the site’s audience, the editor may reject your pitch. Instead, make sure to pitch the site’s editor with a strong proposal that fits the site’s needs and audience.

Accounting Web

If you are an accountant or other professional, you probably know how important it is to keep up with legislation and noteworthy legal cases. To keep up to date, check out the Accounting Web, a blog and community site with several categories covering topics such as general accounting, HMRC, business tax, and more. You can also submit news and surveys. If you are unsure of which topics to write about, consider writing a guest post and sharing your thoughts.

Another great place to share your expertise is on the Accounting WEB. This community site is a wealth of information for tax and accounting professionals, and its members are primarily small independent firms. You can post articles and contribute to the conversation on a variety of topics, from tax tips to cloud accounting. You can also write about new accounting tools and technology. This community has 600+ contributors, and you can contribute too. There are also a number of different niche-specific sites you can contribute to, including HR Zone and Training Zone.

Creative Blow

If you’re a fan of art, design, and technology, you might like to check out Creative Bloq, a website dedicated to web design. This design community features new posts on the latest trends and news in the field. The site is also home to a number of interviews and features from the creative community. You can contribute articles on packaging design, logo design, and other topics of interest to the creative industry.

Copy Blogger

One of the biggest content marketing education sites, Copy blogger accepts pitches for high-quality guest posts. Their topics range from content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and graphic design. If you’re a writer with exceptional writing skills, this might be the right site for you. Moreover, they’ll give you a platform to interact with commenters and increase your profile as a subject matter expert.


To write a quality post for Copy blogger, you should be a Certified Content Marketer. This way, you’ll be sure to write an engaging article. Copy blogger also requires its guest bloggers to be Certified Content Marketers. You can also submit your guest posts to CMO magazine, which generates quality leads and boosts traffic to your website. You can also write for niche publications, like The Awesome Blog.