How To Gain Instagram Followers Organically

It’s very simple, just buy Instagram followers and you’ve got it. is a great way to get your peeps. They’re organic but you have to grow them like a garden. We supply you with all the tools you need, but to see what you have build, you need to treat your Instagram account like it’s your summer vegetable garden. You have to feed it, water it, and take the weeds out so that everything in it can be as healthy as possible. Now and then you have to take a rat or two out of it to keep the roots growing well. If you can do that in a vegetable garden, then you can do that with your Instagram account.

What are we talking about here?

We’re doing a few things here, we are using as an Instagram promotion service. What you grow in your Instagram garden can produce results later on in the year.  Let’s say you’re planting strawberries. Strawberries can represent your followers. What do you do with strawberries? When the plants are young, my grandfather use to snap the young flowers off the tops as they first sprouted because that would help the rest of the plant grow and be stronger for the next production of strawberry harvest. The first harvest would be destroyed because the strawberries would be bigger and much more juicier.

With your followers, it’s almost the same. After the process of buying Instagram followers, you need to sort them out. Engage with them to see what they like, and don’t like. Eliminate or just leave alone those followers who don’t message back and work with those who are interested in what you have to say, sell, or interact with. In this wayyou’re growing your followers base. That’s what it’s all about. Snap off the weaker parts so the stronger parts can grow and get juicy!

Next, there corn patch. The corn represents the views you may get. Well, if you don’t have followers, you won’t have as many views. So while you’re watering your peeps (strawberries), you’re giving them an incentive or motivation to see what else you post. (YOU NEED TO POST OFTEN.)

Did you know that corn grows better at night? So will your views. Simply check your viewership every day and create posts that you know they will like.

Interaction is Key

Engage with your peeps. After you get IG followers, you make sure the good ones stay with you.

Here’s how:

1. Engage with your new peeps.

Messages are good, but you have to ask provoking questions to      have some idea of how to put up what they want to see. To do that,             you have to be able to figure out what kind of personality they have   and will do things like share a post.

2. Encourage comments:

This is one of the things most IG people forget. Comments make you         look very valid to other onlookers and you can pick up more organic followers, views, and comments.

3. Take care of your garden:

You’ll want to produce watermelons, because that’s where the profit starts. 

When you take care of the other vegetables, you can feel free to produce the watermelons.