How to learn a new language with a mobile app

Learning a new language is good to have when your hobby is traveling and meeting new people. Technology has allowed us to transcend traditional classroom-style settings to a more digital one.

According to education marketing agency ComboApp, the e-learning market has become highly competitive. E-learning on a global scale is on point to go beyond $275 billion by the year 2022. As such, it’s becoming more difficult to find a good language learning app.

But once you find the best language learning apps, you can download them on your mobile phone and use them everyday. Here are features to look for to make the learning process easier.

Daily Words

When thinking about new languages, the first things you’ll naturally want to learn are the words you can use every day. Start your journey by studying common words like ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, etc., then simple phrases. Apps that have a dedicated section for this type of learning should take the top spot in your smartphone. Some apps will have a notification or ‘alert’ feature that lets you know it’s time for a new word or phrase.

How to Pronounce

Perhaps the most difficult thing in learning a new language is the pronunciation. It will take a while to get the hang of it, but dedicated learning apps will usually have the phrases in audio form. Listen carefully and practice by saying the word or phrase out loud.

Test Yourself

Even if you’re not fully confident of your abilities, take the tests as scheduled. It’s okay to fail the lesson and repeat them again as it will make your grasp of it better in the end. Apps will have these tests in the form of short challenges or quizzes.

Learning a new language isn’t easy, but you’ll eventually get there. So keep yourself motivated and practice everyday if possible. Remember that practice makes perfect.