How to make the most of your workspace

With the onset of the Coronovirus pandemic, most employees of various firms and institutions were moved to work remotely from home for one or more days a week.

The need for office visits forced the development of software to ensure that employees are comfortable in the office while minimising personal contact between them in order to maintain social distance and reduce the likelihood of a new disease spreading between employees.

The use of UnSpot tools makes it possible for the manager of a company to distribute the workplaces in the office as rationally as possible in the light of the current demands of the pandemic. The use of the software in the distribution of desks makes it possible for different people to use the same workstation without problems and conflicts.

How to make your office more profitable using UnSpot software

The UnSpot software package offers a number of special tools for the efficient use of office space. Using this software the manager himself can decide whether to double the number of people in the office or rent a smaller office, based on the needs of the company.

For a rational allocation of employees and effective use of space, the software package:

·   offers tools for data collection and analysis;

·   makes it possible to book office space for meetings;

·   makes several locations fully assigned to the employee and available for booking.

Using UnSpot software, the manager can plan seating strategies for employees in the room according to social distance requirements. UnSpot provides an interactive employee seating chart, which enables the planning of employee seating according to the epidemiological situation and new security requirements.

Using the software tools for efficient use of the office space

The integrated software tools enable the manager to collect accurate data on his own, without having to call on consultants and without interviewing his employees.

Once the information has been collected and analysed, the manager can answer the question of how many workstations need to be available in the office and how many employees visit at any one time. The information gathered and organised using the UnSpot software can also help to answer the question of how much office space needs to be reduced or increased for more efficient use of space.

The functionality of the software package makes it possible to book meeting rooms more efficiently, so rooms don’t sit idle, and there are no booking conflicts. The use of UnSpot software gives an opportunity to increase the efficiency of use of meeting rooms by 40% per month.

The use of specialist software tools makes it possible to get the most out of your office space, and the data collected makes it easy to decide how to improve the profitability of your office space.

This can be done either by increasing the number of employees without attracting new rental space, or by choosing a smaller office to make more efficient use of space.