How to Play Apex Legends Like a Pro

Apex Legends is a squad-based battle royale game that is gaining popularity every day. It is not one of the easiest to play, but the most fun when playing with your friends. It has a hot battlefield that you may not be able to survive for long if you don’t know how everything works.

There is nothing as disappointing as always being the first person in your squad to be eliminated. Your teammates deserve to have you as an expert player, not someone they have to be reviving now and then. Knowing some of the tips, tricks, and strategies Apex Legends experts use can help you and your squad win more battles and make the game more interesting. It will also help you get the most out of your gaming sessions.

Apex Legends has a built-in tutorial that is very helpful for beginners who want to learn the basics before getting into the hot battlefield. Going through the in-game tutorial can be of much help when you are trying to learn the basics, but it does not include all the tricks and strategies that you need to become a pro player. It will only make you a standard player who is less likely to be the last one standing on the battlefield. Here are some things that you can do to improve and become better at Apex Legends.

1. Play with Apex Legends pro guides

You may have gone through many Apex Legend’s tutorials, but that is not enough to become a pro. There are some strategies that you will only learn well when playing with an expert player. If none of your teammates is an expert at Apex Legends, your team can’t last for long and win the match. Adding Apex Legends Pro guides will make a difference. The best Apex Legends guides will not only show you how to play Apex but also share with you some winning tips and strategies that you can use to become an expert.

2. Grab everything until your inventory is full

You drop into the battlefield with no weapon, ammo, health kits, and shield. All that you have is your fists. Every player starts with a health of 100%, and every punch or kick on your enemy will do a 30% damage. You need up to four melee attacks to knock down one opponent. You must be lucky if you can knock down your opponent without any weapon before his or her entire team shoots you in the face.

In the first few minutes, act like a beggar and pick any loot that you find. Even if the first gun you uncover is one of the worst in the game, it is worth unearthing. Having a weak weapon is much better than having none. You should also pick any ammo you find. You may not need it now that it will be of much help when you decide to swap your weapon.

Apart from weapons and ammo, grab a body shield and a helmet for better protection. Don’t leave batteries and shield cells behind. You will need them to recharge your shield. Grabbing a backpack will let you increase your inventory space. After upping your inventory space, make sure to grab accelerants and other weapon attachments. They will make your weapons more powerful and easy to use.

3. Ping to communicate

You have to work together with your team to be able to last long in Apex Legends. As a beginner or intermediate player, you need your teammates to survive. Maybe you will be able to get along with your lone-wolf tactics after playing the game for some days and reading several Apex Legends Pro guides.

If you don’t have a headset or don’t like using it, Apex Legends has a state-of-the-art ping system that lets you communicate with your teammates without talking. You can use the ping system to inform your squad about your next move, let them know where the enemies are, and where they can pick an item.

4. Check the death boxes for a faster looting

When an Apex Legend player dies, his or her inventory turns into a coffin where other players can pick any of the items the player was carrying. You don’t have to check what is inside the box. These boxes glow the color of the best loot inside. You don’t have to risk your life to loot a white or gray coffin. If the fallen player is your teammate, pick the banner and then take it to the nearest Respawn Beacon to revive him or her.

5. Find a legend that fits you

Every character has unique abilities. Lifeline can call in care packages, Bangalore can throw smoke grenades, while Gibraltar can throw down a dome shield. Because Apex Legend doesn’t allow players to use a character more than once, consider learning to use at least two legends. Sticking with one legend character throughout your gaming session will make it easier for you to remember its unique abilities easily.

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