How to Recognize Addiction?

Imagine a person with an addiction. Most likely, the image of a skinny person with an unhealthy complexion, red whites of eyes, yellow teeth and nails will come to your mind. It is difficult for us to suggest an efficient manager in a perfectly ironed shirt has an addiction. But age, marital status, gender, and status of a person do not matter for drugs and alcohol. Rehab centres London can be required by anyone. Treatment duration and success depend on the timeliness of its start. Therefore, the sooner you can recognize addiction, the better.

Signs of Drug Addiction

You can see that a person is addicted to drugs if you notice:

  • narrowed or dilated pupils
  • traces of injections
  • papules and pigmented spots on the skin
  • red complexion
  • increased restlessness, unreasonable laughter
  • trembling limbs, runny nose, and watery eyes
  • mood changes

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

On the contrary, the following aspects can differentiate an alcohol-containing drink lover:

  • smell
  • loss of movement coordination
  • inability to control the amount drunk
  • tremor
  • discoloration of the skin
  • poor appetite
  • increased anxiety
  • aggressiveness

If you Notice Similar Symptoms in Anyone:

  1. Do not panic.
  2. Observe the person carefully.
  3. Make findings of fact.
  4. Talk and listen to a victim tactfully.
  5. Offer your help.

In case of suspicions and revealed facts, do not hesitate, contact medical experts in rehab centres in Essex for help. It is not always easy to recognize that a person is taking drugs or alcohol. If there are no unequivocal signs, but there are some doubts, it is better to talk to specialists.

Professionals working in Serenity Addiction Centres are responsible for every case and patient they deal with. Whether it is you who needs help or another person you want to help, it is necessary to know that it is nothing to be afraid of. Quality help and a pleasant atmosphere in every rehab will exceed any expectations and fade all worries away!