How to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

AWS is most commonly known as the Amazon Web Services. AWS Marketplace is a subsidiary company of Amazon Company which provides you with on-demand cloud computing platforms and the APIs to the individuals, companies and the governments with a metered pay as you go basis.

The Amazon Website Services are used as a secure cloud services program which offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and some other functions as well. These functions help the businesses scale and grow.

SaaS Contracts through the AWS Marketplace allows the customers with a computerized and enhanced purchasing process and accelerating time-to-value. Your public listing for this will be great for your self-serve customers. But in order for to support your enterprise customers, you need to provide them with a custom offer through the Marketplace and it needs to be more accessible in terms of procurement.

There are three programs that can help you sell on AWS Marketplace. They are as follows:

1. Private Offers

Through this program you can negotiate some custom pricing and the end-user license agreements, which are commonly known as the EULA with your potential customers. Once you have the agreement to the pricing and the EULA, you can now create a private offer with some specific terms.

With the help of these private offers, your customers can enjoy some benefits from a simplified software procurement experience. Most of your products’ purchases on the AWS Marketplace are incorporated into the customer’s AWS account and bill. The customers can customize purchase for the product based on their individual needs using the AWS Private Offers.

2. Channel Incentive Program

Many of the businesses authorize their products which can be resold in the AWS Marketplace. These businesses can also use a reseller through the marketplace as well.

This channel intensive program enables AWS Consulting Partners to recommend and deliver a certain Technology Partners’ Software for their customers. This software then helps the customers to build and grow their own AWS-based business.

3. Enterprise Contract Program

Unlike the private offers where you can negotiate the EULA terms, under this program (launched in 2018) the EULA terms are pre-accepted which eliminates the long legal cycles.

“Enterprise Contract Program for the AWS Marketplace is designed to be a widespread end-user license agreement between software buyers and sellers which oversees the usage of the software and sets some terms with respect to the duties and responsibilities of both the parties.” From the Enterprise Contract Program page.

The enterprise customers who are enrolled in this program can benefit from the established and pre-approved enterprise licensing terms which simplifies the procurement process. These customers then can purchase the products from the AWS Marketplace immediately under the Enterprise Contract terms. You don’t need to spend your valuable time on negotiating the legal terms.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to list your products on the AWS market place. Then you can choose one of the programs mentioned above to work as a leverage. So, if you are selling your products through the AWS Marketplace to your AWS customers, you can leverage a partnership with the AWS by using the AWS Marketplace which works as a customer acquisition channel.

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