How to Speed Up your Torrent Downloads

In this fast pacing world, most of you have a super busy schedule throughout the day. So, if your torrent download speed is slow, and you want to speed it up, there are several ways online that cover various aspects of faster torrent downloading.

The use of torrent clients is the most popular way to share multiple files over the web. You will come across many known torrent sites like to do a wonderful job. Though there are only minimal basic settings that are needed for running these clients, there can be a few twists for advanced users.

Here are some Tips or Steps to Increase your Torrent Download Speed:

Select a Healthy Torrent

To choose the healthiest torrent, in the first place, you must understand the concept of leecher and seeder. These two expressions tend to confuse the new torrent downloading enthusiast, so you need to clear your doubts.

A seeder has a complete copy of all the files shared across the wide-spread network that you want to download. However, leecher does not have the complete file copy and has purposely joined the network to download the file. When the leecher completely downloads the file, they become a seeder.

For a faster torrent download speed, note that the seeders should always be more; this way, your torrent will be much healthier. So, when choosing a torrent, you must make sure that your seeder ratio is quite high.

Install Lightweight Torrent Customer

In order to increase the speed to download torrent, the first step to take is to install a lightweight customer. BitTorrent is one of the most popular torrents and it has several apps and additional features. So, uTorrent is preferred for a faster torrent and hassle-free downloading. You can even think of installing qBitTorrent as it is another good lightweight torrent customer.

 Modify your General Settings to Properly Optimize uTorrent

How to Speed Up your Torrent Downloads

To increase your torrent speed, make sure you get the perfect uTorrent settings that are configured on your computer.

 Change your Connection Numbers

Once you set your down/upload rate, you change your connection numbers to avoid any overload. If you do try to hit and trial with your settings you may get a great result. However, if you are unsure of the settings, you can change the connection numbers to increase your torrent downloading speed.

Navigate to properties and choose Bandwidth. Here you must set the Global maximum number of connections and connected peers per torrent to 150 and 100, respectively.

Limiting your Global Download and Upload Rate

Limiting your download and upload rate can help you speed up your torrent downloading on customers like BitTorrent, uTorrent,  qBitTorrent, etc., But you need to understand the fact that most torrents breathe the uploading that users do.

 So, turning it off completely or setting at 1kB/s will not be a great option. However, while you would not want to choke your connection, you will want the upload rate to be the maximum with ‘0’ representing unlimited rates.

It would be a good option to speed up your torrenting when you set the upload rate at 70-80% approximately of your maximum speed. Though, you can keep your download rate at 0, because it is considered maximum. In order, to configure such options you have to navigate to Properties>Bandwidth, then you set the Global Upload Rate Limit as 80% i.e. your maximum upload.

Add more Numbers of Trackers

Adding more trackers is an excellent way to optimize your torrent download speed. You can easily increase the downloading speed on your computer when adding new and faster trackers to your existing torrents. You can achieve this by adding new seeds and peers to the connection.

 The way to add trackers to your torrent is not a complicated task, as you need to add these links with your existing trackers. When you paste the new tracker, ensure that you don’t erase the existing ones (just don’t worry about any duplication).

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