How to Use VLC Media Player as a Video Converter to MP4?

In this article, we are going to learn how you can use VLC Media Player as a video converter to MP4. I love to watch YouTube videos as well as videos on other streaming services. You can find all kinds of videos such as food videos, movies, music videos, etc. on these platforms.

I download some of the videos on these apps which I would like to keep for as long as I want it. Such as some movie, some food recipe video or my favorite music videos. But after a time, these videos expire from the application. So, I need to re-download the video again. But you can use the VLC Media Player so that you don’t have to download your favorite videos again and again. Now you must be wondering what is VLC Media Player if you don’t already know about this program.

How to Use VLC Media Player As A Video Editing Tool

What is VLC Media Player?

This software was released in February 1, 2001. VLC Media Player which is commonly used by VLC by everyone. This program is a free and open source portable cross-platform media player software as well as streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. This software is available on operating system as well as mobile phones such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Tizen, iPadOS and Windows 10 Mobile. This software is also available on digital platforms like Google Play, Microsoft Store and Apple’s app store.

This software is available in around 48 languages such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, and many more other languages. This media player supports audio and media compression tools as well as file formats which includes DVD-video, video CD and streaming protocol. This software is able to stream the media over computer networks and can also transcode multimedia files.

Using the VLC Media Player Software as a Video Converter to MP4

VLC Media Player is similar to Windows Media Player, but VLC is better than the Windows media player. This software plays almost any type of media file from mkv to mov. You can also use this software to convert ypour desired videos to other formats like an MP4 file. This will be very helpful you want to watch a homemade movies or videos on your mobile devices such as Android or iPhone or on other portable devices.

Further I am going to tell you how to use this software as a video converter to MP4 file format. It’s really simple and easy for you to convert your favorite videos or convert the present VLC files in general. So, open the VLC Media Player and let’s jump right into the steps to convert videos to MP4:

  1. Convert from the Media menu

First of all, launch or install VLC Media Player on your device. Then open the software and click on the ‘Media’ menu available, there you will find the ‘Convert/Save’ option. Click on the ‘Convert/Save’ button to proceed the conversion process.

  1. Select video(s) to convert

After clicking on the ‘Convert/Save’ button, then you will get the option to add the videos. So, click on the ‘Add’ button, where you can select one of more video files which needs to be converted. But keep in mind that the video file should be available on your device before the video conversion to MP4. After adding all your desired videos in the box then click on the ‘Convert’ option or click Alt+O.

  1. Select the video file name for the converted video

After clicking on the ‘Convert’ button, there will be a ‘Target file’ box. In that ‘Target file’ box, select the destination folder for your video and the name for your new video file. After doing that go to the ‘Profile’ option.

  1. Select video format for the conversion

Under the ‘Profile’ button, you will find your target format from the list of formats available in it. This software can easily convert your desired videos into different kinds of formats such as MPEG, DVD, AVI, MP4, DivX, ASF, FLV or WMV. There will be a dropdown list of the formats out of which you have to select your preferred one.

You can also use the number of optimal settings available such as resolution, codec and framerate if you want to convert your videos, you’re a specific device.

Select Advanced Settings for your video conversion (optional)

Use the menu with the tools icon, there you can change the settings for the destination format. In this option, you can choose the supported video and audio codec for your output file and the you can have access to all the advanced option such as bit rate, resolution, framerate and audio quality which the software has to offer.

With the help of the special filters, you can also optimize or change your video or audio formats during the video conversion process.

  1. Convert saved videos to MP4

Once you have chosen all your desired settings, click on the ‘Start’ button on the bottom of the ‘Convert’ option to begin your video conversion process. This media player saves the video in your desired format in the destination file which you have previously selected.

The video conversion speed and time depends upon the length of your video, the speed of your PC or mobile device and the settings which you have chosen for your desired video. With the help of the batch conversion, you can check the progress in the timeline while you are watching a video.

These were the main five steps through which you can convert a video to MP4 using the VLC Media Player. You can convert more than one video to your desired file format at a time through the VLC software. After this you will know that the VLC extensions offer the customers new features too such as being a great video converter.  I would suggest you to use VLC software for your video files as it is considered to be one of the best and popular video converters on the internet.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!!!

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