HTC One M8 Shown In Video, Press Event Scheduled

At nearly the same time as HTC released information regarding the HTC One M8 unveiling, a video has appeared that seems to show exactly what the phone will look and feel like.

HTC One M8 Shown In Video, Press Event ScheduledUnfortunately, the video is German–and we all know that good leaks are never in English–so, my account of what is in the video is based upon what others have discovered, as well as what can be figured out by looking at the device.

Considering that the video is 14 minutes long, viewers get a pretty good idea of what the device looks like and how the UI works in comparison to the original HTC One.

Since the design of the HTC One was part of the reason that it became so popular, the HTC One M8 is very similar.

Some of the handset’s features, such as the dual-camera capabilities and power saving mode are shown off in the video and from what we can tell, a good portion of the UI is redesigned.

Now that we know when the device is going to be released in the UK (March 25) and we know when the press event will be (March 25 as well), a lot more information will be available in just two days.

Specs have not been entirely confirmed, although there is a general consensus that the HTC One M8 will include Qualcomm’s quad-core 2.3GHz 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 2600mAh battery, and 5-inch 1080p display.

As far as availability goes, it should make an appearance on all of the major US carriers. However, most of the leaks have shown a Verizon version of the device and since Verizon was well behind the other carriers with the first HTC One, it may be making up for things this time around. If that is true, Verizon could end up getting the handset on March 25 with others to follow.

Question – Do you think the HTC One M8 will be exclusive to Verizon in the beginning, or will other carriers get it early on?


Summary: A new video has come out showing what appears to be the HTC One M8. The press event for the handset has also been confirmed for March 25.

image credit: techradar 

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