I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures is a playful, yet education game which helps children between 3-6 to learn the alphabet, correct spelling and even proper pronunciation. Penguins, Bears, Seals and even spaceships all play an entertaining role.

Children can enjoy three individual mini-games, each with their own educational benefits.

The Words mini-game, played with Seals, asks you to pick up and drop seals and place them in the correct spot, to create a simple word. As each seal is placed, a voice pronounces the letter. After the word has been completed, the word is then pronounced.

The letters mini-game allows you slide letter carrying Polar Bears down ice slides, which correspond with the letter at the bottom of the slide. On the way down, your objective is to slide the Bear from side to side, picking up as many ice creams as possible. Once at the bottom, the letter is pronounced, and is associated with an example, such as ”E like Elephant”.


Bears, Penguins, Seals & Education

The final mini-game, which is multi-player, lets you operate a snowball slingshot  which propels a vowel at a penguin wearing a hat with a consonant on it to form a syllable as indicated in the corner of the screen. The starting consonant stays the same throughout one game forming syllables with each of the short vowel sounds. For example, the ”NE” syllable needs to be formed by throwing the vowel ”E” at Penguins wearing the consonant ”N”.

A sense of excitement and urgency is added to each mini-game with a timer appearing on the screen. Gifts and prizes can also be won by completing levels, which allows players to customize the appearance of Boing, the Alien character helping them through the game.

Despite the complex lessons which can be learnt from each mini-game, I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures makes it incredibly easy for even a pre-schooler to understand and enjoy.

Boing, the friendly Blue Alien, is always on hand at the corner of the screen to offer instructions, encouragement and pronunciations of words and letters.


I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures also offers personalized progress tracking in the ”Parents Centre”, helping you to keep tabs on how well your child is progressing and learning. This can be achieved after you register an account for your child within the app, which is completely optional.

The charm of I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures lies within its fun sound effects, and its friendly, well designed characters.

Joyful background music and clear word pronunciations all help to create a pleasant gaming environment for any child. The menus are easy to navigate, and the mini-games each look extremely well polished.

Final Remarks

Overall, I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures is a great way to introduce your child to the word of words and letters. The three entertaining mini-games will offer plenty of educational benefit, whilst being genuinely fun at the same time.

A pleasant mixture of cool sound effects, cute animals and even a multi-player option will ensure that your child is learning their alphabet and pronunciation effectively, without the boredom factor.

Download I Learn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.